Salsasia III

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Salsasia III
Region Outer Rim
Sector Greeop Sector
System Greeop system
Suns 2: Greeop Prime, Trimore
Orbital Distance 13.6 AUs
Diameter 15,500 km
Planetary class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Type I (breathable)
Gravity Light (0.45 Standard)
Surface water Slight (10%)
Climate Temperate
Primary terrain Tundra, Steppe, some plains
Length of Day 43 Standard Hours
Length of Year 10,620 Standard Days
Points of interest Termorus Agricultural Complex
Population 180,000
Native species None
Immigrated species Humans, others
Official language Basic
Major cities Termorus
Government New Republic
Affiliation New Republic
Exports Food stuffs, bacta, medical supplies, Ion Gas
Import Manufacturing equipment

The third moon of Salsasia has a stable cool and sometimes temperate climate allowed by the warmth generated by Salsasia. The presence of bocca and the ability to set up large scale agricultural efforts has made this moon the perfect location for advanced medical and farming companies, but being on Salsasia III has its draw backs. Because of the moon's location and it being one of the many hundreds of planetary bodies orbiting its mother planet, Salsasia, space travel to export the medical and agricultural goods is dangerous for inexperienced transport pilots. This has caused some companies to find an enterprise on Salsasia III unprofitable. Although a few major medicine and agricultural facilities remain in the last city on the planet named Termorus. This city and the Termorus Agricultural Complex are the only areas habited by the populace.

The moon itself also has signs of artificial terraforming efforts, but no physical evidence can prove or disprove this opinion. If it were terraformed, it is believed that it must have been done more than 10,000 years ago. Life on the Salsasia III is mostly lower mammalian and reptile-like animals of various sizes and adaptations. Some crustaceans live in the two great lakes. Other animal life forms are microscopic. The plant life is mostly flower and ground-hugging brushes. It is surprising to see actual flowers propagate on a moon that receives so little light.

Primary Civilian Facilities

  • Termorus Agricultural Complex
  • Restoration Medical Products Center


Encyclopædia Terrestricana

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