Salsasia IVb

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Salsasia IVb)
Salsasia IVb
Region Outer Rim
Sector Greeop Sector
System Greeop system
Suns 2: Greeop Prime, Trimore
Orbital Distance 13.6 AUs
Diameter 6,000 km
Planetary class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Type I (breathable)
Gravity Light (0.6 Standard)
Surface water None
Climate Temperate
Primary terrain Tundra, plains
Length of Day 43 Standard Hours
Length of Year 10,620 Standard Days
Points of interest Gyna Terraforming Facility, Knight Spire
Population 4,630
Native species None
Immigrated species Humans, others
Official language Basic
Government Rebel Squadrons,New Republic
Affiliation New Republic
Exports None
Import None

Salsasia IVb is a lifeless moon with a surprisingly breathable (but still thin) atmosphere. In an effort to improve the usefulness of the moon, the New Republic has built a terraforming complex. The Gyna Terraforming Facility and its domed living areas for workers and staff are the only non-military structures and people on the planet, although they are contracted by the New Republic. Over time, various lifeforms will be able to inhabit the surface of this world. The terraforming project, now almost four years in progress, has made remarkable progress on the world; with the baseline construction of a few new facilities already under construction to handle a potential influx of populace.

The main purpose of this world for the New Republic is to serve as the training facility and command complex for the ground troops in the Republic Shield Commando Division. The harsh, yet still inhabitable environment is perfect for preparing troops for the worst conditions and the mountainous moon is naturally protected because of the many moons and asteroids that surround the Salsasia space lanes. The heavily defended Knight Spire mountain installation served as the command center for the RSCD and is a secondary Republic Shield garrison in the Greeop system.

Primary Military Facilities

  • Knight Spire Garrison
  • ROC Training Center
  • Advanced Training School Center

Primary Civilian Facilities

  • Gyna Terraforming Facility


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