Sarriah James

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Biographical information
Homeworld None, born on family space station
Date of birth 9:2:24 (35 years old)
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 1.55 metres (5'1")
Weight 52 kilograms (115lb)
Hair color Red
Eye colorGreen
Distinguishing features Full lips
Chronological and political information
Affiliation New Republic

Colonel Sarriah, Renegade 9, has served in the RS since May 10, 2007.

Sarriah James is a female Human who participated in the Rebel Alliance and is currently a member of Zealot Group.


Born to Sheela and Jurrah Belantia on the family owned asteroid mining operation. Sarriah is an only child with a love for animals and exploring planets, rather than being cooped up in space. However, she was expected to work in the family business. She was allowed to take time away from the family business to get her education. She double majored in both humanoid (her parent's desire) and animal (her desire) medicine.

Before she could start her chosen career, she met her future husband, Boyd James, while visiting her parents. Sarriah became the mining company’s quartermaster after marriage, still preferring to be dirtside as much as possible.

While on a trip for supplies in her family’s freighter, the business was attacked by space pirates and all personnel were lost.

Sarriah, unable to cope with so many losses, wandered from planet to planet, until an Alliance recruiter found her rather inebriated in a backwater planet’s cantina. Soon after she joined a secret rebel cell located on Rori,a moon of Naboo, where the community was mostly made up of pilots. Sarriah struggled to remain sober until Halyn Lance , a Zabrak, and Anishor, a Wookiee, befriended her and helped her straighten out her life.

Eventually, as everyone started going their separate ways, Sarriah remained on Rori, and started an animal hospital. She established herself as brilliant research scientist, focusing on animal health improvement. She still prefers to operate out of her research center on Rori.

She is an accomplished X-wing pilot with several kills painted on the side of the ship she keeps in the old hanger bay at the mostly abandoned Rebel Outpost on Rori. She still owns the family freighter. She is wealthy in her own right from her business, but the proceeds from the family mining company is always at her disposal although she only used it once to set up her hospital.


Brilliant red hair that is mostly natural, tiny wisps of grey would be apparent if she didn’t chemically treat those areas. She sports a very full head of below the shoulder length hair which is usually worn down, except when she’s flying, then it’s pulled back in a severe bun. Her hands show signs of wear, mostly due to all her research work and hunting for animals. Her piercing green eyes are slightly turned up at the corners. At home, you’d see her in medical jackets, over a t-shirt, and loose fitting pants. She doesn’t consider herself pretty, but rather possessing tolerable looks. Her one flaw, in her opinion, is her lips. They are full and while not overly wide, she hates them.

Behind the Scenes

I played SWG for nearly three years now. Most of that time has beens spent with the RS player association on Starsider. I have a Twi'lek named Sandarie, whom Abi refers to as Abi 2 because I once impersonated her in an RP situation. Sarriah is my medic/creature handler. I have crafters, only one of which has a personality, Allanna. She's a young Zabrak who loves being a starfighter. Halyn is currently in the process of writing a novel about her adventure as an X-Wing Cadet

Current Roles

Sarriah is a member of the Zealot Group.



((This story was entered into the Star Wars Galaxies writing contest, and subsequently won.))

Death Star Debris

It’s over! We won!

The petite redheaded human breathed a heavy sigh of as she watched the awe-inspiring display of fireworks streaking across the sky. These were not ordinary, celebratory fireworks; ordinary fireworks shot up into the air, exploded colorfully, and the audience would “ooo” and “ahhhh.” No, these fireworks were different; this spectacular display originated from space.

Sarriah had seen the source of the debris a few minutes prior to taking a hit from a TIE fighter’s laser cannon; it was debris entering the atmosphere in the aftermath of the explosive destruction of the Emperor’s Death Star. The TIE disabled one of her engines and she had been forced to make an emergency landing on Yavin IV.

She tore her gaze away from the sky to look over at her battered starfighter. Sarriah landed near the beach, the soft ground absorbing much of the impact. The area was covered with tall grass, and her veterinarian-trained ears had picked up wildlife in the vicinity.

Squeak, her R5 astromech, was working on repairs and issuing orders to her so she could assist him. Sarriah wasn’t much of a mechanic, but she did her best to follow his instructions. Her heart was joyous, filled with hope as she and Squeak worked side-by-side.

“Squeak, you know what this means? It’s over! We can go home, search for new pets, start our lives afresh!”

Squeak, whose name came from a strange squeaking noise he made when he talked, tootled happily next to her.

Sarriah’s training as both an animal research doctor and more recently as a member of the Rebel Alliance’s starfighter fleet kicked in as a stillness enveloped her surroundings. A familiar dread wrapped itself about Sarriah and the redhead placed her hand lightly on Squeak to shush him.

Imperial soldiers!

Only the Death Star exploded, not every Imperial in the galaxy! Sarriah sighed in growing dismay.

She had forgotten Imperial soldiers were all over Yavin. Awareness that it was premature to start celebrating washed over her. Sarriah crawled cautiously through the lush green foliage to peer silently through the tall grass.

The Imperial officers that had moved close by were staring dumbfounded up at the display in the sky. She heard one of their comms beep. Sarriah was close enough to overhear orders for them to return to base to prepare a search of their sector for any Imperial starfighter pilots who might have made an emergency landing in their area.

As they retreated, Sarriah leaned in close to Squeak, “We’ve got to get out of here as quickly as possible.”

The R5 beeped a squeaky reply and started to work in earnest.

The debris continued to rain down from the skies, a reminder that yes, the Alliance had won this round.

But it wasn’t over.