Scott Jensen

Scott Jensen
Biographical information
Homeworld Corellia
Date of birth 20:1:25 (24 years old)
Family Orphaned
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 1.85 metres
Weight 88 kilograms
Hair color Black
Eye colorBlue
Distinguishing features None
Chronological and political information
Era(s) Main
Affiliation New Republic
Associations Zealot Special Operations Unit
Ranks Master Sergeant
Titles none

Scott Jensen is a male human currently assigned to the Zealot Special Operations Unit.


Early life

Scott Jensen was born an orphan in Coronet City, 20:1:25. Having bounced from foster home to foster home from an early age, Scott struck out early, and joined a swoop gang. During his tenure in the gang, he had had several run-ins with the law, and was red-flagged for arrest. It was during this time he developed a certain talent for... disappearing. Even with authorities actively pursuing him for questioning in the events surrounding several criminal activities, inclusive of murder, he was able to evade capture, until he was turned in by an associate gang-member.

During the following arrest, he managed to incapacitate two of the arresting officers, before being subdued by repeated blasts from stuncoils.

Early Military Service

New Republic Special Forces subsequently took an interest in the case; and made him an offer he couldn't refuse- in exchange for making his criminal record disappear, he would enter the academy with the intent to become a special operator.

After four months at the academy, and approximately fifty demerits, it was decided something else was needed...

At this point, the Republic Shield approached the Academy about their unique student, and made a proposition to acquire his services, in exchange for relieving the Academy of a source of disciplinary problems.

Republic Shield

After the lateral transfer, Jensen was introduced to a very specific and intensive training cycle. The almost brutal training he went through changed Jensen very fundamentally; the instilled discipline tempered his dominant type A personality, and made Jensen into a valuable asset for the Republic Shield. Passing his training with flying colors, Jensen was assigned to additional sniper training. Upon completion of this additional training, Scott was assigned as a tactical asset for the Righteous Indignation Division.

During his tenure with the RID, Jensen was involved in several missions, operating behind enemy lines. His speciality was infiltration, as well as reconnaissance operations. Upon completion of his most recent mission, he was immediately handed transfer orders...


Jensen is a strong type A personality with outspoken tendencies and a clear-cut sense of right and wrong. He has a tendency to be a bit of a joker, and does not hesitate to return a sarcastic reply. Having completed sniper training, he is extremely proficient with his ArCTec 500 series LRB. For close-in work, he prefers the Saldorian Arms CHG-4 Crystal Blaster Rifle. His generally sarcastic demeanor belies a certain calm professional attitude that comes out when he's on a mission. Another result of his youth is an unswerving loyalty to his comrades; Jensen would never willingly leave a man or woman with him behind.

Behind the Scenes

Scott Jensen is Markus Jarnhann's character entry into the Zealot Special Operations Unit.