Sector Admiral

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RS Rank List Abbr.
CDT.jpg Cadet CDT
LJG.jpg Lieutenant Junior Grade LJG
2LT.jpg Second Lieutenant 2LT
1LT.jpg First Lieutenant 1LT
CPT.jpg Captain CPT
MAJ.jpg Major MAJ
LCM.jpg Lieutenant Commander LCM
CMDR.jpg Commander CMDR
LCL.jpg Lieutenant Colonel LCL
COL.jpg Colonel COL
BGN.jpg Brigadier General BGN
MGN.jpg Major General MGN
LGN.jpg Lieutenant General LGN
GEN.jpg General GEN
COM.jpg Commodore COM
RA.jpg Rear Admiral RA
VA.jpgVice Admiral VA
ADM.jpg Admiral ADM
FA.jpg Fleet Admiral FA
Test Rank Insignia Small.gif Bar Admiral (Obs) BA
Test Rank Insignia Small.gif Sector Admiral (Obs) SA
Rank Details
Description Detail
Abbreviation: SA
Level: Club Rank
Promotion by (min): Fleet Commander
Min time at rank: (obsolete)

At one time, Sector Admiral was the highest rank in the Rebel Squadrons. The rank name and purpose were created by FC Super as part of the Rebel Squadrons ranking system implemented in mid 1996.


Originally, the rank was intended to be for leaders who have two or more fleets under their command, therefore Sector Admirals would have Fleet Commanding Leaders reporting the them. At the time, the Rebel Squadrons was in a period of rapid growth, so such a position seemed the likely next step in the evolution of the club and its High Command.

Club Use

Over time, some individual ranks have been removed, Sector Admiral being one of those. For much of Rebel Squadrons' history, this rank has not been used. It has not been attainable since SA Super's first retirement in Nov 1997. He was the only person to obtain this rank, though others had tried.

FA DNia 00 reportedly requested this rank during club merger discussions in 1996.[[1]]. However, records of old club newletters show he was eventually given the rank of Fleet Admiral instead.

In the first half of 1997, BA Noble also attempted to obtain this rank by pursuing the promotion of Patriot Battle Fleet to that of a Sector. By rules of that time, this would have automatically made its commander, BA Noble, a Sector Admiral. That plan was rejected by the High Command.[[2]]

When the Rebel Squadrons website started tracking and maintaining rank assignment in 1998, the ranks of Sector Admiral and Bar Admiral were not included its database. When Super returned to active duty for a short time later in 1998, he was listed as a Fleet Admiral for administration purposes, though recognition of his rank of Sector Admiral was never challenged.

The rank was briefly restored and added to the website database some years later in an unpopular attempt by the High Command of that time to change how the Rebel Squadrons was organized and how its ranks were applied. Reversing course, that plan was scratched by High Command and the RS rank system was restored to its previous incarnation. Unfortunately, the rank was removed from the database as part of the wholesale recovery from that incident.

In 2006, the rank of Sector Admiral was formally added back to the website database by FC Licah Fox, though the rank remains unattainable. The rank is not mentioned in the club's bylaws.

Exoclub Use

It appears that the term Sector Admiral is found in some science fiction works, games and other online clubs.[[3]] For example, Emperor's Hammer adopted the use of this rank many years ago.[[4]] It is not known when this term was first popularized. However, in an interesting coincidence, the Rebel Squadrons use of this term was not derived from any other sources.