Shesharile 5

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Shesharile 5
Region Outer Rim
Sector Minos Cluster
System Shesharile system
Planetary class Moon
Length of Day 26
Length of Year 408.41

The fifth moon of the gas giant Shesharile, Shesharile 5 is large enough to be a planet itself. Together with Sesharile 6, it is known as one of the "Twin Planets" despite the fact that they are actually moons. The Twin Planets has been devastated by the corrupt government that runs them.

This moon is known for its resorts, but they are have become run-down. Pollution has led to ecological disaster, and the inhabitants have regressed to become warring factions. Each blames the others for destroying the twins. Much of the planet is run by gangs under the control of Yerkys ne Dago.

Much of the commerce on the moon was centered on making the Imperials that controlled the Minos Cluster happy, so when the Empire pulled out Shesharile 5 went into a swift decline.