Shikkie Kaaran


Admiral Shikkie Kaaran's most notable time in the club was when he was the RSIO during the exciting period when the RS internet presence was transformed from static HTML pages with outdated unit rosters to a dynamic, PHP and MySQL-based site.

Some of the projects to come from this period were:


Shikkie also served for a time as the RSXO under RSFC Rahj Tharen. Not his most notable time in the RS, he managed to not blow things up during his month as Acting RSFC.

List of all Posts

He also held command posts at every level of the RS (other than as an elected RSCF), from Squad XO all the way up to RSXO.

Commands as he can recall: PBF:

  • Sabre XO
  • Sabre CO
  • Wing XO (um, don't remember and the wing no longer exists... any help here?)
  • Wing CO
  • PBF SO


  • Red Dragon Squadron CO
  • Defense Operations Wing XO
  • Defense Operations Wing CO
  • RgF XO
  • RgF CO (Voting High Command)

Rebel Squadrons:

  • RSIO
  • RSXO
  • Acting RSFC


While attempting to update the roster database, Shik managed to accidentally reset everyone's rank, causing amusement and mayhem, the likes of which have not been seen for some time.

Read more at Shik's Cadet Incident.


Shik likes lations, but hates asian and black woken. He has been known to tea people who disagree with him. Also, jom neam is the shit and chicks a tozzffes

After seeing a boob once at Ozzfest, he's made it his life goal to someday touch a girl.