Sienn Sconn

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Member Profile
Sienn Sconn
Career Information
Callsign Morningstar
Full RS Name Sienn "The Rot" Sconn
A.K.A. Am Sconn
Rank Admiral
Join April, 2000
Current Status Active
Current Station ISD Redemption
Current Command Positions
Past Positions of note
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld Corulag
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 41
Personal Information (Real Life)
Gender Male
Location Green Bay, WI
Age 29
Occupation Sales

Admiral Sienn Sconn ("The Rot"), Red Dragon 4, is the current Rebel Squadrons Executive Officer. He joined the Rebel Squadrons in April 2000; in his career, he has been a member of every RS fleet, starting with his first tour of duty as a member of the now defunct Jade Squadron in the Valor Wing of the Patriot Battle Fleet. He participated rather poorly in the first Outer Rim War, playing JK mostly. While serving as RgF SO, he paired with Gavin Cantorph Kravis, then RgF CO, to fly in WoW competitions, once going 40-15 in the January 2003 competition. He recently returned to the command staff of the Allegiance Battle Group, serving as XO to Michael Raven. He was appointed the fifteenth RSFC on January 16, 2009, and left office on September 8, 2009.


The Legend of Sconn

Sconn has become somewhat of a legend in his own right, with rumors circulating throughout the RS of his omniscience and omnipotence, particularly in the realms of drug use, drinking and sexual promiscuity. Much of this comes from his ABG character's trademark line, "Am Sconn".


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