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The Sinath were originally created by Alec Jaggers and played a major role in various Aurora Force storylines. In Distant Past, their predecessors were the Defender Bladesmen, of which several characters in the storyline were a part.

The following information was put together by Alec Jaggers for the Aurora Force Encyclopedia.

History of the Sinath

Few people from the Lower Galaxy (Sinath term for the major portion of the galaxy, consists of all territories save Wild Space.) have had contact with the independent group known as the Sinath Swordmasters. Those few who have had dealings with the Sinath never learn the true extent of this militaristic society or its goals.

The first Sinath Swordmasters were culled from the ranks of a Jedi Defender task forces’ Bladesmen some twenty-five hundred years before the Galactic Civil War. These Defenders, led by Drave Haet, defected from the Defenders (ancient military forces devoted to serving the Jedi Order and the New Republic). They took their Jedi-taught swordsmanship and followed their Prophecy, which eventually led them into the depths of the unknown Wild Space. The Bladesmen declared themselves to be Sinath (Siths-Bane) and dedicated themselves to the eternal defense of the Galaxy.

Over the next two thousand and five hundred years, the Sinath tamed vast regions of Wild Space, bringing under the control of their ever-expanding power. The Sinath easily seized control of the independent colonies in the region, using them as a base to build upon. As their empire grew, the Sinath began to transform themselves from a military force into a society. The society that emerged was one that reflected the roots of their past and their ultimate purpose. In Sinathian society, every man is a warrior- dedicated to his people. Government and command of the military power of the Sinath are both controlled by the Council of Tens, which is composed of the uber-elites of the Sinath Swordmaster ranks.

At the time of the Galactic Civil War, the Sinath controlled vast amounts of territory- equal to one-fourth of the entire Empire, and their armed forces actually exceeded those of both sides of the Civil War. The Sinath, however, took no sides in the war. They remained in their Wild Space empire, an unknown to the rest of the Galaxy, and maintained their watch on the borders.

The Sinath Prophecy

The whole purpose of the Sinath lies in their sacred Prophecy. Granted to Drave Haet by mysterious extra-galactic alien Jedi, the Prophecy details an invasion by dark forces intent on shattering the Galaxy. The Sinath believe that they have been erected as the only defense against ‘The Shadow’, and that they must protect the rest of the Galaxy at the cost of their own freedom.

The other main feature of the Prophecy is the promise of salvation through a powerful messiah. The Prophecy names this savior the Griffon, and promises that he will lead the Sinath against the Shadow, defeating the menace but at terrible cost. The Griffon is spoken of as both savior and destroyer of the Sinath, a dark hero with death for foes and allies alike in his hands. Despite the dire overtones of this prophesied Griffon, the Sinath have devoted themselves wholeheartedly to him- should he ever reveal himself.

Sinath Training

The Sinath are revered masters of swordsmanship and hand-to-hand combat. They are lethal with any weapon and their reflexes and physical abilities far exceed the norm for whatever species they come from. Their chief weapon is the indestructible longsword constructed of sinathian swordsteel.

Most of the training Sinath Swordmasters receive is a closely guarded secret, but it has been revealed that they practice a hierarchy of skill. Every Sinath begins at the First Level and receive basic combat training. By defeating two opponents of the First Level, the trainee advances to the Second Level where he receives a higher level of training from more advanced masters. To progress to the Third Level, the Sinath must vanquish three opponents of the Second Level. Progression through the ranks of the Sinath continues in this way- always defeating a number of opponents equal to the rank he wishes to achieve, the opponents always come from his current level. Thus, the Tenth Level Masters (who control Sinathian society)have each defeated ten warriors from the Ninth Level each of whom has defeated nine warriors of the Eight Level etc, etc