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Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser.jpg
Production information
Class Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser
Technical specifications
Length 600 meters
Width 120 meters
Height/depth 123 meters
Engine unit(s) Ion engines (6)
Hyperdrive rating

  • Class 2
  • Backup Class 18
Shielding 2560 SBD
Hull 1216 RU

  • Quad Turbolaser cannons (20)
  • Turbolaser batteries (10)
  • Turbolaser cannons (10)
Crew 16,000
Minimum crew

  • Crew (16,210)
    • General Crew (16,113)
    • Gunners (97)
Passengers 3,000 troops
Cargo capacity 9,000 metric tons
Consumables 2 years

  • Cruiser (scaled down)
  • Frigate
  • Patrol
Earliest sighting RgF 305
Destroyed RgF 306
Present for battles/events

  • RgF 305
  • RgF 306
Affiliation Galactic Empire

Imperial vessel, disguised as part of a pirate force. Part of the Star Destroyer Deathbringer’s task force.


Reinforced the Star Destroyer Deathbringer when it had become disabled during a battle with Republic Shield forces led by the Frigate Horizon. Supported Imperial forces in re-establishing Imperial control of the battle zone, while the Frigate Daveen II prevented Republic Shield boarding attempts on the Deathbringer, while the Strike Cruiser Banton engaged the Frigate Horizon directly, forcing Republic Shield forces to withdraw from the engagement. (RgF305)

Led Imperial reinforcements against the Calamari Cruiser Ad Astra, which had been forcibly pulled from hyperspace by the Interdictor Event Horizon a sizable distance from the supply platform Terminus that the Calamari Cruiser was attempting to reach. The vessel added its forces to the assault, as the Interdictor Event Horizon and the Frigate Daveen I’s forces had been exhausted in the battle. The Event Horizon was attempting to stay out of the centre of the centre of the battle, in an effort to keep the Ad Astra stranded in the system while the starfighter forces from the vessel pounded the Calamari Cruiser into submission. By the time the vessel arrived, the Ad Astra’s shield systems had failed completely, and the craft was taking shots directly into its hull. The Calamari Cruiser Ad Astra sustained serious hull damage by the time Republic Shield reinforcements arrived, led by the Frigate Unforgiven, and backed by the Dreadnaught End of Days and the Strike Cruiser Kayak. Transport group Shock launched from the Unforgiven, and Republic Shield forces struck back at the Imperial forces, routing the Imperial attacking forces, and destroying all Imperial capital ships involved in the battle. Destroyed by Republic Shield forces. (RgF306)


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