Tyrell "Spokes" Borran

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Member Profile
Tyrell "Spokes" Borran
Career Information
Callsign Spokes
Full RS Name Tyrell "Spokes" Borran
A.K.A. Spokes
Rank Fleet Admiral
Join April 4, 2000
Current Status Active
Current Station Windstorm Cadrel Expanse
Current Offices X-Wing and TIE Fighter Platform Coordinator
Current Command Positions PBF Commanding Officer
Other Current Positions Honorary High Command Member
Gold Squadron 6, PBF
Lightning 8, RID
Dagger Squadron 6, VSG
Past Positions of note

Academy Undergraduate Commander,
from - to
Grey-Alpha Commander, RSA,
from - to
Stealth Commander, PBF,
from June 2000 to December 2001
Gold Commander, PBF
from July 2010 to January 2011

Patriot Battle Fleet Second Officer,
from - to
Patriot Battle Fleet Executive Officer,
from - to
Patriot Battle Fleet Commander,
from December 2002 to February 2005
Rebel Squadrons Operations Officer,
from - to
Rebel Squadrons Medals Officer,
from - to
Rebel Squadrons Executive Officer,
from - to
Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander,
Feb 2005 to June 2006
Recruited by n/a, found RS
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld Coruscant
Species Corellian
Gender Male
Age 60
Height not disclosed
Weight not disclosed
Hair color Dark, long and greying
Eye color Hazel, mostly green
Distinguishing features not disclosed
Personal Information (Real Life)
Name Mark S. Partin
Gender Male
Location Native Texan in Connecticut, USA
Age 52
Occupation Attorney at Law

Admiral Tyrell "Spokes" Borran, Dagger 6, serves as the current X-Wing and TIE Fighter Platform Coordinator. He served as the Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander from February 25, 2005 to June 28, 2006, and as Rebel Squadrons Executive Officer from 2002-2003. These days, he is most often found online playing Battlefront II, although he still flies all four platforms for the missions in the two flying fleets he is in. Spokes is the most decorated officer in RS history.<ref>RS rankings: medals received</ref>


What do you write about yourself? Who am I? Who do I want to be? How do I want others to see me? Do I just tell them the truth? If so, how much truth? Which truth???

Well... I was born on Coruscant but my parents were from Corellia. My Birthname is Tyrell Borran (never mention it again). My parents were serving a stint in some bureaucratic position (lost a bet is my guess) and I spent my first nine years living on a planet-city. The upside was that there were endless opportunities to fly all kinds of hovercrafts and shuttles because, other than the lifts within buildings and the crosswalks connecting buildings, you had to fly to get around. I also learned enough to converse in a couple dozen languages, (although Huttese still hurts too much to speak more than "Greetings Exalted One") at a level of fluency that I could get us out of whatever trouble that had managed to find us. I never made it down more than 30 levels below ground level before we moved back to Corellia, but that was low enough for a nine-year old. I've played in a couple of Sabacc games since then that were held at lower levels and had some dealings with the Hutts that were lower than most people believe there are levels, but that is Coruscant.

On Corellia, I finished my schooling and raced in the games but never managed to win one. I entered the Imperial Academy, completed my schooling and finished most of the combat training, including pilot training, before my "accident" in a TIE Interceptor during a "Training Campaign." That's when I learned that I was allergic to bacta and that my body will not accept mechanical implants. After months in the Rehabilitation Unit, I was left paralyzed but with sensation (I can feel but can't move) so I don't have to worry about becoming more machine than man. This, of course, ended my military career as far as the Empire was concerned and I was, quite literally, shipped out two weeks shy of graduation. I tried using the repulsorlift chairs, but they are harder to maneuver than a bulk freighter in an asteroid field, so I wound up using an old fashioned wheelchair, hence the handle: Spokes.

Corellia never felt like home and I had no plans to remain there. I took my pension/release pay from the Empire and bought an old freighter, modified it so it could be flown "hands only" and shipped out. I truly never intended to become a smuggler, but making spice runs for the Hutts was the quickest route to credits. This wasn't "actually" smuggling, because they were "legitimate" contracts. Only the Empire's desire to take control of the spice trade made it illegal, and that just made it more attractive to me, given my history with the Empire. When I had enough credits, I bought a broken down X-wing, rebuilt it and set to modifying it so that I could fly it. The modifications turned out to be minor, but I board the fighter the same way as my R2, Squelch: lifted up and dropped into my spot.

The New Republic Academy agreed to give me a shot at being a fighter pilot and I'm sure having my very own X-Wing had nothing to do with their decision. Because I had been with the Imperial Academy, I was subjected to debriefing/interrogation by NR Intelligence and still owe them for the way I was treated (presumed Imperial spy until proven otherwise) and for the lack of information that Intel gives us now when we fly missions. I understand the concept of "Need-to-Know" operations, but still believe that if it is me that is getting shot at, then I need to know who and why.

I graduated from the X-Wing Academy and was assigned to the Stealth Squadron. The newest Squadron in the Patriot Battle Fleet under the Command of Admiral Teke Daggerscout. I was placed as Flight Leader for the third Flight Group and took over as Stealth CO two months later. I have been active ever since. I got into serious trouble with CS in my first PBF Mission and worked hard after that to assure that Stealth developed into an elite Squadron. After some reorganization in the PBF, I was reassigned to Gold and we work hard to stay Golden.

After being active in the PBF's Operation Lanvarok, I was invited to join Grey-Alpha Squadron that is responsible for training new recruits for the Patriot Battle Fleet. I'm not sure what I did wrong, but they made me Grey-Alpha Leader some time ago and I managed to keep most Cadets alive long enough to Graduate while serving as GA Leader. Later, I served as SO, XO and CO of the PBF.

I have also been assigned to Dagger Squadron of the old Intrepid Battle Fleet and we are, quite simply, the best damned Squadron there is. I also served with Twilight Squadron in Renegade -- a group that tends to find trouble with ease, and to Lightning Squadron in the Aurora Force where we try hard to avoid making any mistakes.

Somewhere along the way I seem to have lost a bet and found myself serving as the Rebel Squadron's Executive Officer ... I don't know what to say about that except it's over. Then, HC saw fit to strap me in the Hot Seat that goes with being the Rebel Squadron's Fleet Commander. That lasted long enough for all of HC to lose patience with me, so now I am back to killing Impies with Dagger & Gold. Seems like a long, long trip from the Imperial Academy.

Well, that's me in a nutshell, 'cept for the Corellian Bloodstripes on my britches, but I don't talk about how those got there....

Behind the scenes

Spokes joined the Rebel Squadrons on April 4, 2000. He has served in a wide variety of positions, most notably a long stint as RSFC and an even longer stint as PBF CO during the PBF's most recent Golden Years; his final mission as CO was the last time that the PBF surpassed 50 reports.

He has been active in many different units; in circa 2006, he was one of two RSers active in five fleets.

Outside the club

Spokes is written by Mark S. Partin, a native Texan living in Connecticut, USA. Mark is a 60-year-old Attorney at Law.


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