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Squadron websites: these are things that each squadron can improve on their website. Some of them are important, and some not so much; but there is something to do on each site, for that squadron's Internet Officer, or whoever maintains the website.

This list was originally made by Licah, but you are free to add your own things, as well as cross off things that are completed or no longer necessary. If you have any questions about a particular item, ask the person who suggested it (probably Licah).

Of prime importance in most of these things is good English; websites are the main place where we want to make sure things are clear and easy to understand, and intelligent :-P

Patriot Battle Fleet

  • Possibly move the Retribution Wing squadrons to just pbf.rs.org/squadron, like the others?

Wraith Squadron

  • Red on black is really kind of hard to read in certain circumstances. I recommend changing that.
  • etc.