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Member Profile
Career Information
Full RS Name Stirlitz
Rank First Lieutenant
Join February 19th, 2005
Current Status Reserve
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld Outer Rim colony
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 40
Personal Information (Real Life)
Location Poland
Age 25

A reserve member of the Rebel Squadrons.



Stirlitz was born on one of the small Outer Rim mining colonies, it just had a number - LV-246. His father was a colony administrator, while his mother was a colony doctor. He was sent to study at Coruscant, but he did not spend a lot of time at university. He was kicked out for spending too much time on parties and too little on studying. He didn't know how it happened, but he fall a victim of recruiters of Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet, who were on the look for fresh meat, to strenghten Empire's ranks, after defeat at Endor.

He quickly ascended their ranksas first combat pilot, then he joined elite Praetorian squadron, and from this secret operation squad he moved towards being a director of one of the most secret EH egencies - Internal Organisation, the counterintelligence part of EH Intel. After few years however he started to question the resons of being imperial officer, afterafter more and more corruption, internal security breaches and powertrips. He finally understood, that no matter on who leads the fleet or who is current leader of Imperial Remnants, his casue was lost from beginning. He finally understood that Empire was not worth his loyalty and dedication, and he just turned to the New Republic forces.

Right now he starts to fight under New Republic banner, and he hopes that his service will just wash some blood stains from his conscience

Note: Biography copypasted, no alterations made.

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