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The RS storyline is the current fictional story of the Rebel Squadrons.

In March 2014, the storyline was accelerated from its previous timeline to 15 ABY. See news post.

For a summary of this entire page, please see The Titan Conflict.

For historical maps, see Conflict Maps and the RS Planet Database.

Ghostly Happenings

The Zykara Initiative: Operation Fast Forward (A New Chapter)

Written by Michael Raven, released in a news post on May 4, 2014

It is now 15 ABY.
Six years have passed since the invasion of Blerthmore, and the foreshocks of a new conflict have begun.

Pirate forces have begun to return to the sector in force, with modern technology and training, striking at the fringes of RS space. The Rebel Squadrons, however, does not yet realize the true force behind what seem like random pirate attacks.

To their Galactic South lies the Minos Cluster, and then the Kathol Sector, an expanse of space which has been under New Republic control since 9 ABY. Communications to the sector, in their entirety, seem to have stopped. With the Minos Cluster currently contested due to the RS’ abandonment some years ago, they have been unable to investigate the lack of communications from the Kathol Sector, and with the incessant pirate attacks and increased fighting in the Cluster, it is not seen as a point of concern, yet.

Little do they know, the Kathol Sector has fallen.
Led by the Executor-class Super Star Destroyer Titan, a force known colloquially as the Titan Fleet, has managed to capture the entire sector out from New Republic control with very little resistance. Under the guise of pirate strikes, they have been probing the defenses of the Rebel Squadrons, and believe that they have found a hole. Creating a forward base on the world of Kal’Shebbol, the Titan Fleet stands poised to blitz through the Minos Cluster, and assault the RS’ soft underbelly at Bethlamore. After that, it is a short jump to the critical New Republic shipyards at Sullust… then the core…

Meanwhile, now-Commodore Zykara has recently been appointed as the Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander. Looking toward retirement, Commodore Lommax and Admiral Sconn, along with Rear Admiral Licah Fox and Fleet Admiral Michael Raven, have convinced him to take this one last position. In the relative peace and prosperity that the RS is enjoying, it will be a comfortable position for him to spend his last length of service. The future of the Rebel Squadrons, and perhaps even the New Republic, rests in what happens next."

The Fwatna Dilemma - Operation: Fabulous Lommax

Posted by Lamin Zykara, released in a news post on June 2, 2014

50:02:03 - Rebel Squadrons Command Dome, Blerthmore
Approximately 15 years after the Battle of Yavin

"And they told you about the ceremonial headdress, right?" Commodore Kirghy Lommax looked dubiously over the desk of the recently appointed Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander, Commodore Lamin Zykara. "Yes.", Zykara responded, his tone flat and unenthusiastic. "It was included in the invitation packet, and I familiarized myself with the particular customs of the Fwatna System during my time as Minister of External Affairs..."

Just after RS victories in the second Outer Rim War, Fleet Admiral Rahj Tharen, the sitting Fleet Commander, agreed to a treaty with the inhabitants of the Fwatna System in RS space. Near-human, and primitive compared to the technology and assets that Task Force Republic Shield possessed at the time, the treaty was of significant importance because of several resource-rich planets in the Fwatna System, with rich veins of materials suited well to keep the RS's war machine up and running at a critical time.

Of course, access to those materials didn't come without strings. The Fwatnaese, for the better part of the last decade, have referred to the sitting RS Fleet Commander as their "Skyfather", and once per year, invite the Skyfather or his chosen representative to a feast on Fwatna III, their capital and homeworld. Traditionally, it has been reported that the food is pungent, heavily spiced and capable of causing 'severe gastric distress' as diagnosed by RS fleet surgeons. In addition, the Fwatnaese sent an elaborate ceremonial coiffure that the Skyfather wears to denote his status as protector and almost deity of the Fwanaese peoples. Passed down from RSFC to RSFC, along with notes about attendance at the event, The Feast of the Skyfather is widely regarded to be the FC's worst duty, after balancing the budget and of course, meetings of the Rebel Squadrons High Command. During the second term of Fleet Admiral Dave Trebonious-Astoris, an attempt was made by both Dave and his XO, Fleet Admiral Michael Raven, to get out of attending the Feast - only through some silver-tongued apologies for miscommunication by the Minister of External Affairs was the Fwatnaese relationship salvaged. In the end, Dave attended the Feast, and for two days afterwards, had to make all official decisions from the porcelain command chair.

Lamin shook his head and pinched the bridge of his nose. "You've never been?" Kirghy shook his head, ruefully. "No, Sconn went when he sat in The Big Chair. Claimed he had such a good time that he volunteered to go again when I was FC. In fact..." Kirghy pointed at an irregular stain on the Fwatnaese Ceremonial Headdress. "I'm pretty sure that's dried vomit from his last visit. Almost enough to clone him from." Lamin sighed heavily. "Don't even joke about that. The last thing I need right now is two or three Sconns running around on the southern flank, imagining threats and micromanaging local jurisdictions..."

As if on cue, an aide-de-camp knocked on the doorframe of Lamin's office. "Sir? We've just got a priority, eyes-only report from Admiral Sconn, transmitting from somewhere near the Minos Cluster. He seems to be concerned about...uh...pirates, sir." Lamin and Kirghy exchanged a knowing glance. Lamin stood up from his desk with a resigned sigh, leaning over it and bracing himself with his hands, arms extended. "I probably need to deal with this, and you need to get ready for the Feast of the Skyfather." "...excuse me?", Kirghy replied, his tone incredulous.

Lamin shook his head, shrugging somewhat helplessly. "You, formal dress uniform, Fwatana Sector, 1600 tomorrow. I need time to deal with Sconn's paranoia, continue reorganization efforts and work on a new set of simulator parameters for Lieutenant Colonel Dogan. You need to show up, on time, choke down some Fwatnaese food, and smile politely while you do it." Kirghy blinked at Lamin, somewhat unsure how to respond, his jaw working silently. "Consider this retribution for sticking me with the Ministry of External Affairs before." Kirghy looked at him with a hurt expression, and Lamin relented somewhat.

"I'll put you up for a New Republic Medal of Honor...", Lamin continued, turning a wry smile at his longtime friend and ally. Kirghy quirked an eyebrow and finally found his voice. "If you mean full dress uniform, you'd better.", he responded somewhat sarcastically. "Full dress.", Lamin confirmed. "Sash, medals, rank insignia, the works. To be clear, your orders, Commodore Lommax, are to try not to come down with food poisoning, and to look fabulous while doing it. Understood?" Kirghy stood to leave, tossing Lamin a mock salute. "Yes, your FC-ness." As Kirghy turned to leave, Lamin picked up the Fwatnaese Ceremonial Headdress and held it out over his desk. "Oh, and Kirghy? Don't forget your hat.", the Fleet Commander chuckled as he turned his attention back to the stack of data cards on his desk.

Also see briefing for RS Miniatures Mission - Pirates on the Southern Flank, written by Cody Qel-Droma

The Fwatna Dilemma - Operation: Urgent Light

Posted by Sienn Sconn, released in a news post on July 2, 2014

Also see briefing for RS X-Wing Miniatures ITOD 2.

Operation Defiant Bulwark

Posted by Sienn Sconn, released in a news post on August 2, 2014

Operation Renegade Star

See briefing for RS X-Wing Miniatures ITOD 4.

Operation Phantom Ghost

Unfortunately, the link to the Google doc for the X-Wing Miniatures mission for this operation no longer works, and no other fictional briefings remain on the server.

Operation Guilded Shroud

The same situation exists for this mission as for Phantom Ghost. The Miniatures mission does not have a working link any longer.

Operation Invisible Force

Posted by Lamin Zykara, released in a news post on January 6, 2015

Pirate activity has been on an uptick during our last few operations, so we are staging several missions to deal with this issue. In addition, we have several training missions to help keep your skills sharp, and a ground deployment opportunity as well.

The CRS McGrath will be launching an A-Wing patrol of Aurek Sector, which will sweep through Sectors Aurek-14 and Aurek-16. All pilots who can provide assistance are requested.

Sentinel Company will be continuing their ongoing operations against pirates throughout Republic Shield sectors.

Pilot assistance is needed in an assault on a pirate base we have located. A transport will be escorted in and will capture the base.

Commandos are also needed to assist with the assault on the pirate base. These commandos will ride the transport into battle and seize the base.

Operation Twilight Ripples

Posted by Cyrel Vandroth, released in a news post on February 13, 2015

Over the last several months, the Rebel Squadrons has been locked in a struggle with numerous pirate groups operating in their region of space. The opening battles had gone badly, with a number of setbacks costing the RS valuable resources and intelligence assets, but it almost appeared like things were turning around.


The unfortunate fact of the matter was that the pirates had the luxury of being the raiders and attackers, while the RS forces were left on defensive operations that hamstrung their battle plans. But a few lucky breaks on the battlefield left the RS with some gains, but many more questions.

RS Intelligence’s analysis of the pirate attacks suggested several troubling themes. First, the pirate forces they had been encountering were better armed than the usual riff raff polluting RS space. Second, perhaps more importantly, the greatest increase in attacks were being launched against RS military supply depots and convoys. When compared to available civilian traffic in the region, attacking the RS’s own was a much riskier proposition. Pirates normally stuck to safe, lucrative targets; they were out to make a credit after all, not to get themselves killed. Someone had to be sweetening the pot for them, offering up actual bounties on RS targets to offset the increased risk.

These two facts hinted at a malevolent benefactor aimed at disrupting RS operations. Who was this mysterious benefactor? Why were they burning through so much materiel and money on otherwise minor underworld players in the Greeop, Aurora and Kathol Sectors?

High Command ordered more resources put into answering these questions, but the actual forces they could bring to bear was starting to stretch thin. There were only so many ships, so many squadrons, so many ground divisions that the Rebel Squadrons had available, and they could not be everywhere at once. And that was what was working in favor of these pirates, many of their targets were being stripped of defences to react to another attack.

This was beginning to take it’s toll on the commanders, crewmen, pilots and soldiers of the Rebel Squadrons, as they were constantly on alert or reacting to the next brushfire with little to no downtime. Morale was starting to take a hit, though the recent string of victories had saved it some, and supply lines were now being stretched to their limits. And among the Intelligence division and the top brass, there was the growing concern that the RS might not be able to withstand any major attacks until the pirates were dealt with.

But, no one was about to give up to a bunch of brigands and scoundrels. For the veterans, it would have just been embarrassing after surviving the best the Empire had thrown at them so far, and for the new recruits, their commitment to the Republic’s safety would not have allowed for such action. So, once more, with strained supply lines and weary personnel, the RS was going to hold the line and defend what was theirs.

Nothing special here, pilots, just a good ‘ol fashioned pirate sweep. Your objective is to engage and destroy all pirate forces you encounter on this mission. But what they might lack in the latest ships, they’ll make up for elsewhere, so keep your guard up.

Agent Quintar of RS Intelligence has been captured by Imperial forces and is being transferred to a holding facility via the corellian corvette Omicron. A second agent onboard the vessel has successfully disabled the vessel and transmitted its coordinates. However, it is believed that the corvette had a supply of mines onboard and may be deploying them while it awaits rescue repairs. Time is of the essence. We are dispatching a rescue shuttle to recover our agent. You will be flying ahead of the shuttle to scout the area and clear any mines surrounding the corvette before our rescue team arrives. Once the agent has been recovered the shuttle must be protected from any enemy craft entering the area until it safely reaches hyperspace.

With the advent of increased piracy in the area, operational funds are being put forth to the creation of a new shipyard for local RS military use only. This will be a massive undertaking for our forces, and will require significant effort from our support personnel.


Operation Dented Shield

Posted by Cyrel Vandroth, released in a news post on April 3, 2015

Also see the mission briefing news post.

Operation Fallen Ramparts

Posted by Cyrel Vandroth, released in a news post on June 7, 2015

Operation Titan's Dawn

Posted by Cyrel Vandroth, released in a news post on August 9, 2015

Operation Windstorm's Lament

Posted by Cyrel Vandroth, released in a news post on October 5, 2015

Operation Sons of Lithra

Posted by Nicolai Ginofev, released in a news post on January 10, 2016

Operation The Lithran Offensive

Posted by Cyrel Vandroth, released in a news post on March 17, 2016

Also see the fictional mid-operation teaser written by Michael Raven on April 4, 2016.

Operation Borealis

Posted by Kirghy Lommax, released in a news post on May 16, 2016

Operation Royal Condor

Posted by Kirghy Lommax, released in a news post on July 1, 2016

Liberation of Lithra: Hearts and Minds

Posted by Kirghy Lommax, released in a news post on September 7, 2016

Fading Aurora

Posted by Kirghy Lommax, released in a news post on November 4, 2016

Phoenix Rising: The Battle of Lithra

Posted by Teu Veld, released in a news post on March 6, 2017

Also see updates posted by Cody Qel-Droma:

Phoenix Rising: Push Back Against Titan

Posted by Kirghy Lommax, released in a news post on June 3, 2017

Summary provided by Cyrel in a HC email on August 10, 2017:

  • Task Force Republic Shield is the official designation of the Outer Rim Fleet formerly known as the Rebel Squadrons which, throughout the years, has fought and carved out New Republic control of the sectors Greeop, Aurora, Minos, and Subterell. (Somewhere along the line some beurocrats carved up the space between Subterell and Greeop into new mostly empty sectors.)
  • Outside of the RS's domain, a new Imperial faction, spearheaded by the Super Star Destroyer Titan, secures control over the Kathol sector and has launched an offensive. They have been gobbling up local, smaller Imperial factions as they gear up to smash into the NR.
  • They've attempted to set up a pincer maneuver to crush the RS between three fronts - Aurora; Subterrel/Cegul/Airam; Minos
    • They've largely left Minos alone, because it's the closest to their territory, and they can basically just steamroll through whenever they damn please and they know it.
    • Subterrel.... we haven't really spoken about too much, tbh.
    • Their focus has been on capturing/securing/exploiting the Aurora Sector prior to any invasion into Greeop. We've portrayed the sector to be decently built-up/valuable as far as outer rim sectors go, so this made the most tactical sense to help feed Titan's war machine.
      • They've basically been whooping our ass out of the Sector slowly and steadily, leading to the assault on the sector capital (Aurora). We successfully held them from taking the system, but the local defenses had been absolutely ravaged, and it was improbable that they could be salvaged before another Titan assault wave came in. (July 2016) Kirghy and Cyrel made the call to retreat from Aurora (November 2016) to pit all RS forces into another valuable target: Lithra.
      • Lithra was another system in the Aurora sector that was controlled by a local Imperial faction that joined the Titan group. It had a wealth of shipyards, repair yards, defenses, and was a highly populated and industrialized world. While the RS was recovering from the battle for Aurora(system), the Allegiance Battle Group spearheaded ops to soften up a system's defenses and provide needed intelligence. (Storyline generally paused between my resignation in December and then...)
      • ( March 2017) The RS proceeded to assault Lithra and was ultimately successful. However, due to some mishaps during RP, Lithra has since stayed independent but generally NR-friendly.
      • (May 2017, posted June 03 2017) Successful liberation of Lithra was announced.... Kirghy retook Aurora? Abuh?

Aurora Rising

Posted by Cyrel Vandroth, released in a news post on September 14, 2017

From Kirghy, before the operation began: So, if you were thinking that you had missed your opportunity to press the attack against Titan, think again! We've liberated Lithra, but now we need to make sure they get the message that they're not welcome here. To do that, we're going to need everyone's help.

Pyrrhic Victory

Posted by Cyrel Vandroth, released in a news post on November 5, 2017

Hunting the Hunters

Posted by Cyrel Vandroth, released in a news post on February 6, 2018

Two Minutes to Midnight

Posted by Cyrel Vandroth, released in a news post on April 6, 2018

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