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The Subterrel Strike Force (SSF) is the mobile force created in response to the Imperial assault of the Battle of Blerthmore. It is primarily a strike group of vessels that are charged with the task of hunting down Imperial forces in the Subterrel Sector and defeating them, to ensure that such devastation as suffered at Blerthmore will never happen again. The SSF is therefore a subsection of the main RS fleet, operating beyond the normal RS range of operations. The Vigilance Starfighter Group are assigned to the three greatest vessels in the strike force, and the elite ground forces of the Commando Division are based on the Redemption.


The Head of the SSF is the RS Fleet Commander, Rear Admiral Michael Raven. Other important figures in the strike force include Lieutenant Colonel Kirghy Lommax, CO of VSG, Major Reb Jaxra, CO of CD, and General Harley Quinn, captain of the Redemption.


The Battle of Blerthmore was the most devastating defeat ever suffered by the RS. The task force's fleet was decimated. Despite this, and also in response to this, RS Command decided to strike back at the enemy that had struck them this blow. Within a month of the battle, the RS had repaired the ships that it could afford to repair and grouped them together into a new task group christened the Subterrel Strike Force. RS Intel had discovered that the Imperial attackers from Blerthmore had originated from the Subterrel Sector, and had returned there after abruptly withdrawing from the battle. The SSF was therefore dispatched to find the Imperials, take revenge upon them, and find out what they were doing in Subterrel in the first place. Fleet Commander Dave Trebonious-Astoris had planned to lead this strike force personally, but was convinced that the RS home systems needed his presence more, especially after the devastating battle. Therefore his XO Michael Raven was selected to lead the SSF.

Operational history

The SSF at full strength of seventeen warships departed RS space on 44:3:13. From there it slowly traversed the largely uncharted routes to the Subterrel Sector, where it arrived on 44:3:21 and began scouting out the sector border.

Battle of the Azemin Corridor (VSG/RID 102)

The initial forays into the Subterel Sector by the SSF were extensive reconnaissance operations by A-wings from the VSG, which scouted out suspected locations of outposts and enemy holdings. Their operations revealed curious complications — in a number of locations there were evidence of Imperial forces fighting against Imperial forces, showing that the enemy forces based in the Subterrel Sector were not a unified force, but consisted of at least two different factions. The most prominent battle was witnessed by Major Olith Hesto, who scanned and recorded the battle was between two Imperial task elements. One force, led by the Star Destroyer Mammoth, was part of the attack force that hammered RS forces in the Battle of Blerthmore. The Mammoth’s forces appeared to be in the process of being ambushed by a second Imperial force led by the Star Destroyer Wyrm. The battle ended as the Mammoth’s forces destroyed the Wyrm’s Interdictor Hunter, which allowed the ambushed forces to retreat. Both sides suffered heavy losses, with the ambushed Mammoth’s forces losing the Strike Cruisers Bogatyr and Boyarin, and the Frigate Hatchet, with the Frigate Shuriken and the Mammoth itself limping from the ambush zone heavily damaged. The attacking forces were hit hard, too, with the loss of the Interdictor Hunter and the Carrack Cruiser Orion, and the remainder of the attack force suffering extensive damage, including the Wyrm itself.

However, while the reconnaissance forces were gathering their valuable data, an Imperial attack force led by the Star Destroyer Anguish ambushed the Subterrel Strike Force as they travelled through the narrow channel into the Subterrel Sector called the Azemin Corridor. The RS forces led by the Redemption were caught in the corridor, with nebulae and asteroids to either side, with the only options between to awkwardly retreat back the way they had come, or to stand fast and fight. The SSF chose the latter option, and the battle was joined.

In the battle the SSF suffered some extensive losses, including the Frigate Echo Hawk, the gunships Nova and Starflare, and the corvettes Apollo, Steward and Crescent, along with a fair number of freighter craft who disobeyed orders and engaged the enemy forces, instead of remaining in the protective midst of the SSF formation. The majority of the strike force also suffered varying levels of damage, from the 7% damage to the Frigate Crimson Ghost, to the 13% damage levels of the Star Destroyer Redemption and the gunship Stinger, to the more serious 53% damage to the Assault Frigate Titan, and the crippling 87% damage to the last remaining corvette Warden. The Calamari Cruiser Ad Astra, Victory Star Destroyer Resurrection II, Assault Frigate Chiin'tal and the gunship Bayonet all managed to survive the battle without any serious damage.

But the crippling damage inflicted to the SSF formation was not without merit, as the entire Imperial attack force, including two Star Destroyers, three Victory Star Destroyers, four Acclamators, two Broadside cruiers and hundreds of TIE starfighters were completely annihilated.

Battle of Aphene (VSG/RID 103)

After recovering from the devastating but victorious Battle of the Azemin Corridor, the SSF prepared to properly invade the Subterrel Sector. After receiving the remains of a supply convoy which was mostly annihilated by enemy forces led by the Strike Cruiser Viper on 44:3:26, despite being escorted by Dragon Squadron and the Frigate Horizon, Rear Admiral Michael Raven determined that the Imperial outpost world Aphene, discovered and inspected by Vigilance Starfighter Group reconnaissance forces, was the most undefended location in the immediate region that could better serve as a beachhead for the RS's invasion of the Subterrel Sector.

The siege and bombardment of Aphene was extremely successful, with no RS losses due to the surprise of the attack which within minutes had disabled and knocked out all orbital defences. Days of orbital bombardment with heavy turbolasers onto the Imperial garrisons yielded the world to RS forces, who set about establishing ground bases and outposts.

However, after securing the planet, some remaining Imperial survivors succeeded in broadcasting a distress signal, which was intercepted by nearby Imperial forces [interrupted --- will finish this later]

(VSG/RID104 happenings)

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(VSG/RID105 happenings)

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(VSG/RID108 happenings)

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(Battle of Pyaimm)

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(VSG/RID109 happenings)

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Current status

[Explain what has been happening between VSG/RID109 and the current mission of VSG/RID110]



The following ships were lost during the Battle of the Azemin Corridor on 44:3:21: