Subterrel strike force draft

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The retaliatory strike force assembled from the majority of the RS fleet to wage war on Imperial factions in the Subterrel Sector. It is commanded by Commodore Michael Raven onboard the Star Destroyer Redemption, captained by Admiral Kaz Falcion. General David Pasiechnyk commands the Vigilance Starfighter Group. The warships of the strike force are commanded by officers of the Righteous Indignation Division. The Subterrel Strike Force is a long-range attack force operating well beyond the RS territory borders.

Full strike force

  1. ISD Redemption
  2. CRS Ad Astra
  3. VSD Resurrection II
  4. A/FRG Titan
  5. A/FRG Chiin'tal
  6. FRG Unforgiven
  7. FRG Horizon
  8. FRG Echo Hawk (LOST IN RID102)
  9. FRG Crimson Ghost
  10. CRV Warden
  11. CRV Apollo (LOST IN RID102)
  12. CRV Steward (LOST IN RID102)
  13. CRV Crescent (LOST IN RID102)
  14. GSP Bayonet
  15. GSP Nova (LOST IN RID102)
  16. GSP Starflare (LOST IN RID102)
  17. GSP Stinger

Split into two

Group One

  1. ISD Redemption
  2. A/FRG Titan
  3. FRG Unforgiven
  4. FRG Horizon
  5. CRV Warden
  6. CRV Steward (LOST IN RID102)
  7. GSP Bayonet
  8. GSP Nova (LOST IN RID102)

Group Two

  1. CRS Ad Astra
  2. VSD Resurrection II
  3. A/FRG Chiin'tal
  4. FRG Echo Hawk (LOST IN RID102)
  5. FRG Crimson Ghost
  6. CRV Apollo (LOST IN RID102)
  7. CRV Crescent (LOST IN RID102)
  8. GSP Starflare (LOST IN RID102)
  9. GSP Stinger

Split into three

Element One

  1. ISD Redemption
  2. A/FRG Titan
  3. FRG Unforgiven
  4. CRV Warden
  5. GSP Bayonet

Element Two

  1. CRS Ad Astra
  2. FRG Echo Hawk (LOST IN RID102)
  3. FRG Crimson Ghost
  4. CRV Steward (LOST IN RID102)
  5. GSP Nova (LOST IN RID102)

Element Three

  1. VSD Resurrection II
  2. A/FRG Chiin'tal
  3. FRG Horizon
  4. CRV Apollo (LOST IN RID102)
  5. CRV Crescent (LOST IN RID102)
  6. GSP Starflare (LOST IN RID102)
  7. GSP Stinger