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Region Outer Rim
Sector Greeop Sector
System Greeop system
Suns 2: Greeop Prime, Trimore
Moons 1: Athenia
Orbital Distance 0.94 AUs
Diameter 27,000 km
Planetary class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Type I (Breathable)
Gravity Standard (1.09 Standard)
Surface water Excessive (82%)
Climate Temperate
Primary terrain Forest, jungles, swamps, some plains
Length of Day 18 Standard Hours
Length of Year 469.3 Standard Days
Points of interest Tarsonis University
Population 1,645,250,000
Native species Nincar
Immigrated species Human, Mon Calamari, Quarren, others
Official language Basic
Major cities New Morea
Government Planetary Colonial Government under President Voss Aluin
Affiliation New Republic
Exports Agricultural, Raw materials
Import New Republic Technology, Tourism

The planet Tarsonis, also known as Errin to its native Nincar population, is a lush, beautiful, green and wet terrestrial world. The Nincar are a sentient species that live in a primitive tribal society that have established small villages along the many waterways. Despite the native population, Tarsonis is the main cultural and population center for the New Republic within the Greeop system.


The planet is an extremely popular destination since it was colonized and joined the New Republic. It was first discovered by an Old Republic galactic cartography expedition. It went largely unnoticed until Alderaanian refugees colonized the planet's land masses shortly after Alderaan's destruction in an effort to relocate on a world that is parallel to Alderaan's beauty. After the fall of Palpatine's Empire, Mon Calamari and Quarren colonists began to settle Tarsonis' deep oceans with large floating cities and have since turned Tarsonis into the largest Mon Calamari and Quarren population center outside of Mon Calamari itself. These three groups of colonists have joined together to form a planetary, colonial government which leaves the Nincar in peace.


With over three-quarters of its surface covered by free standing water, Tarsonis also has a developing aquaculture technology led by the Mon Calamari and Quarren colonists which is already beginning to produce mass quantities of food. The colonists are now working on creating trade networks to export this resource. The Alderaanian colonists also have their own enterprises with a resort and tourist industry, taking advantage of Tarsonis' many beaches. Also notable is Tarsonis University, which is the most distinguished center of higher learning in the Greeop system.


The Alderaanians, Mon Calamari and Quarren have united to form a planetary government that belongs to the New Republic. The capital city of Tarsonis is New Morea City, populated chiefly by the Alderaanian colonists. The government is headed by an executive branch under a President. The current president is Voss Aluin. Nincar have been invited to participate in the global government, but have so far declined. As they are technologically quite behind the colonists, the refusal has not been much regretted.


While the Alderaanian's built their cities on the land masses, the Mon Calamari and Quarren have built their floating cities in the oceans, and have untied to form a planetary government allied to the New Republic. Their joint military, the Tarsonis Defense Force (TDF), works in coalition with Republic Shield forces to defend the planet. The TDF is currently armed with a Golan station, two squadrons of B-wings and an aging Alderaanian warship. Three Republic Shield Golan stations orbit the planet.


In the months after the disastrous Battle of Blerthmore further out-system, negotiations between the Office of the Fleet Commander and the President of the Colonies came to a fruition with the mutually beneficial decision to move the task force capital to Tarsonis. The increase in target profile of the populated world was balanced out with the added layers of defences brought to the world by the Republic Shield, including an additional Golan orbital base, the construction of a Command Fortress planet-side, and the additional facilities of the Eagle's Nest orbital shipyards and the Tarsonis Military Academy on the planet's surface.

Primary Military Facilities

  • BASE Tarsonis (Tarsonis Defense Force station)
  • BASE Storm
  • BASE Sentinel
  • BASE Stalwart (relocated from Blerthmore on 44:5:32)
  • Eagle's Nest Shipyard Repair and Service Facility (relocated from Blerthmore on 44:5:31)
  • Tarsonis Command Fortress (currently undergoing construction planet-side)
  • Tarsonis Military Academy (temporarily based in New Morea City; permanent facilities currently undergoing construction planet-side)

Primary Civilian Facilities

  • Tarsonis Sunshine Resort Complex
  • Tarsonis University
  • Longdorin's Agricultural Lease

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