Tawny Millan

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Tawny Millan
Biographical information
Homeworld Hapes
Date of birth 28:9:20 (22 Years Old)
Family Arani (Mother), REDACTED (Father)
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 1.73 Meters
Weight 54 Kilograms
Hair color Blonde, shoulder length
Eye colorBlue
Distinguishing features Hapan characteristic of above average physical attractiveness
Chronological and political information
Affiliation New Republic
Associations Allegiance Battle Group
Ranks Knight
Titles Battlemaster

Battlemaster (Knight) Tawny Millan is a Grey-aligned Force Sensitive who serves in the Allegiance Battle Group.


Born on Hapes, in the isolated Hapes Cluster, Tawny Millan was raised entirely by her mother, a rising star in the Hapan Royal Navy, and never knew her father. As such, Tawny was more or less raised by her mother's crewmates more than anything, which did give her some good early hands on training in weapons handling and mechanical work on the various Battle Dragon and Nova warships employed by the Hapans. By the time she was 16, her mother was made Captain and placed in command of a Nova-class Battlecruiser, the Warspite. Tawny was already planning to enter the Naval Academy and follow her mother's example, but she harbored a secret that would soon change everything.

Tawny's Force Sensitivity began to manifest itself by being able to communicate telepathically, but she had next to no control over it. As more and more personnel aboard the Warspite began to hear her in their heads, it became harder to cover up the truth. Tawny's mother became worried for her daughter's well-being, as Hapan society has a deep seated hatred towards any Force users, so she began to work out a plan. In short, the Warspite was, by request, transferred to the Cluster's border with the New Republic, where Arani would quietly attempt to make contact with the Republic and have her daughter taken to safety. In fact, much of the plan came together, especially after her ship had a chance encounter with an NRAF Major who was on a personal mission.

The pilot of the lone Y-Wing identified himself as Nicolai Ginovef, and after Arani Millan explained her daughter's situation, he proposed to have arrangements made to bring her to where he normally operated, the Temple of Adhe Zion on Bethlamore, where she could be trained safely. The two reached an agreement, setting up a predetermined location for the exchange and a secure line to transmit on when the time was right. So with that, Major Ginovef returned to his mission, and Tawny's future was safe. But as the saying goes, even the best laid of plans go by the wayside. Arani had not known about a plan among most of her crew to forcefully capture Tawny and mutiny against her mother for shielding her...

When the mutiny struck, Arani found only a handful of the crew,mostly junior officers and a few members of the Warspite's Marine detachment, were still loyal to her or unwilling to support a mutiny. In the span of an hour, Tawny's life had completely changed. Her family had turned on her, she was now a fugitive and an exile, and worst of all, her mother was killed covering her shuttle's escape.

Tawny's arrival at the Temple of Adhe Zion did nothing to normalize her life, as she found it extremely difficult to adapt, both to the dangerous life the personnel living there lived, but also she conflicted with nearly every personality there. This made the task of training her exceptionally difficult for anyone who tried, and her own emotional turmoil made dealing with her at all a challenge. It would be, of course, no surprise that her lack of control spiraled her towards the Dark Side relatively quickly, and Tawny's difficulty at connecting with anyone left her with few friends and a death wish. But as she began to discover herself more, that's when she started to change her ways some.

Tawny soon found that she disagreed with the ways of the Jedi just as much as she disagreed with the Sith ideals. To her, good and evil was not innate, but rather a choice, and that the Force did not dictate actions, it was a tool that was defined by the intentions of those who wielded it. This did put her into conflict with almost anyone who would train her, except one; the enigmatic Michael Raven. This marked the beginning of her rather unorthodox approach to nearly every aspect of her life, as they did not have a traditional student/teacher relationship, and yet she began to look up to him and fought against her own turmoil to rise to his challenges to become a better person. To this day, she continues to admire him, and even finds herself struck with inspiration drawn from him.

Naturally, this unorthodox training approach also meant she wasn't very orthodox when it came to being a Force Sensitive in combat. For a while, she eschewed using the Force in combat entirely, focusing on conventional combat skills, which left her developing her marksmanship with blasters to an impressive level, and then later began to use the Force to augment her combat skills. It was not until she constructed her first lightsaber that she began to regularly use one, but even that was treated as a situational weapon. Along the way, Tawny developed a fascination with blaster weapon designs, and in time, even began building her own custom blasters.

In time, Tawny slowly began to overcome her personal demons, and find her place amongst the group she fought and bled alongside, diversifying her skills to include having an above average familiarity with slicing into computer networks, good piloting and gunnery skills, and became extremely well rounded in the use of blasters and lightsabers. In time, her mastery of the Force began to grow as well, and because of her views, she was willing to learn abilities normally associated with the Dark Side, much to the annoyance and concern of those with more Jedi-inclined tendencies. She also devoted herself to following the path that Jedi would called Guardians, and has since showed such a strong affinity towards this path that she has become more skilled than most Guardians at her level of proficiency.

Recently, she has accepted the title of Battlemaster for the Temple of Adhe Zion, although quietly she admits the role seems a bit nebulous, but regardless, Tawny has vowed to do whatever it is Battlemasters do to the best of her ability.

Knight Trials:

The Temple of Adhe Zion does adhere to the tradition that any Force User that is to be elevated to the "rank" of Knight must undergo a trial, much as the Jedi Order required. Typically, this is performed at an undisclosed location on Bethlamore, due to it's proliferation of ruin sites that have ties to the Force, but Tawny's was not conducted as such.

Under mysterious circumstances, the denizens of the Temple received virtual reality headsets, which were originally seen as harmless gaming devices until their more sinister purpose was revealed, and trapped those who used it, Tawny included, in a virtual hell of sorts, pitting the group in dangerous situations that were potentially fatal. It was revealed that the initial level that everyone was seeing, a series of Imperial simulations, was only one layer. The layer above that was a horrible nightmare version of the Temple, corrupted by the Dark Side and filled with dangerous puzzles.

Waiting at the top of the Temple was a physical manifestation of the group's collective greed, who was gaining power from those who undertook the Imperial simulations in hopes of gaining something. The being was exceptionally powerful, but was willing to allow the group to leave after a pitched battle. However, Tawny and one other of the group were unwilling to leave until everyone was accounted for, and one person was missing. Greed then attempted to present them with a choice; accept him as their master or die. The team member with Tawny attempted to accept the offer, but Tawny refused and renegotiated the deal; let everyone else go, and she'd accept her fate here. Greed accepted, and entered into a duel with her.

It was one of the most difficult fights she had ever undertaken, but the tables turned on Greed when Headmaster (at the time) Zak Ciredik re-entered the program to help her. Even with their combined strength, it was a pitched battle, but the two prevailed. Greed's dying breath was to curse the "Jedi Knight" that had felled him, before Tawny and Zak were returned to reality. Despite being exhausted and laid up in the Temple's medical bay, Tawny was officially named a Knight.

Skills and Abilities:

In combat situations, Tawny is a force to be reckoned with, even before she draws on the Force to aid her. She is an excellent shot with a blaster, skilled in hand to hand combat, and is a talented pilot in both transports and fighters. She has committed herself to the styling and teachings of what the old Jedi Order called "Guardians", or the Sith "Warrior", to such a degree that only Masters of legend have the same power she wields.

As a gifted wielder of the lightsaber, Tawny is able to wade into battle armed only with her blades and come out victorious, and in some cases, even unharmed. Currently, she wields two lightsabers that she built. Her primary lightsaber has a default blade color of cyan, but is a normal shade of blue when switched to its secondary stun mode. The primary crystal has been infused to amplify Tawny's abilities with moving objects with the Force. The hilt is set to recognize Tawny only and will not activate in the wrong hands. Her secondary lightsaber has a viridian blade that makes no noise, and the crystal inside amplifies Tawny's ability to move faster with the Force.

On top of knowing the seven lightsaber forms, Tawny created her own eighth form. Based on the form known as Shien, it is intended to give the user a more offensive stance, as many lightsaber forms are more defensive in nature. More advanced moves allow the user to directly target an enemy's weapon, as Tawny's philosophy is that if an enemy is disarmed, they can no longer fight, and can be further refined to target even the smallest weapons with precision. The final aspect is one that allows the user to draw from their mental reserves to strike as rapidly as possible. Though it is tiring, it is intended to overwhelm an enemy's defenses.

Apart from her combat abilities, Tawny has also developed an affinity with slicing computers, allowing her to attack the enemy through cyberspace as required. She has also begun to expand her knowledge of military tactics and has been studying both Jedi and Sith texts to better understand both.

Weapons & Equipment:

For personal protection, Tawny often favors a custom suit of armor, a one-of-a-kind design, known as a Centurion Assault Suit. The armor plates provide protection on par with Stormtrooper Armor from physical and energy impacts, but Tawny tapped into the Dark Side to reinforce the armor with the ability to resist lightsaber blows as well. This has had the side effect of giving the black suit of armor a sort of unnatural dull red glow to it. It is sealed for use in hard vacuum and hazardous environments for up to 50 minutes, and sports integrated repulsorlifts, as well as the same Multi-Frequency Target Acquisition System (MFTAS) heads up display and sensor suite as found in Imperial combat armors.

Her loadout of weapons largely consists of custom-made blasters, as well as her two lightsabers.

SP-57 "Paladin" Blaster Pistol - A custom blaster pistol that Tawny developed herself, it is largely on par in terms of power and range current issue sidearms, such as the DL-18 or DH-17. However, Tawny not only included stun and ion modes, she also included a silencer crystal, making up for the average power output with excellent adaptability. She created two of these to use in combat.

ARX-01 "Archer" Blaster Rifle - Initially, the ARX-01 was a proof-of-concept design Tawny made to bring the hybrid kill/stun bolt mechanism from BlasTech's DL-23 pistol to a rifle platform. However, Tawny liked it so much that she now takes it on regular missions. It is equal to the A280 blaster rifle in terms of power and range, but the hybrid bolt has the added benefit of making enemies that don't drop in the first blast more sluggish. She also fitted it with a variable zoom assault scope and silencing crystal.

X-17 Plasma Rifle - Stolen from a prototype lab operated by the 501st when they invaded Bethlamore, the X-17 is a highly advanced rifle that Tawny has refused to part with. On top of boasting an impressive damage output and self-recycling powerpack, the rifle features an advanced suite of optics which make those more familiar with it more accurate, and the sensors tied to it can detect structural weaknesses in what it is aimed at.

Tawny has a wide range of other blasters and weapons at her disposal, but these and her lightsabers largely compose her primary weapons.

Personal Ships:

Modified CEC YT-2400 Freighter Cipher Talisman - Originally, this was a ship that was gifted to Nicolai and Sara Ginovef on their wedding day, but was left to Tawny as part of Nicolai's last will upon his death. Since then, it has acted as Tawny's personal sanctuary and home until only recently when she acquired a home in Aryid Hai's suburbs.

CEC's YT-2400 series was already a success, coming off the line just barely legal for Imperial authorities, and while its price was considerably higher than the famous YT-1300, the -2400 still earned a reputation among smugglers and fringers for being just as adaptable as the -1300 but with more power to spare.

The Cipher Talisman is armed with a pair of dual heavy laser cannon turrets with advanced targeting systems included, as well as a pair of Krupx MG9 Proton Torpedo launchers, loaded with High Yield Proton Torpedoes. Tawny has since had the ship refitted with advanced maneuvering thrusters to improve the ship's agility, as well as an advanced jamming suite and IFF scrambler.

Sienar Fleet Systems TIE/ad Avenger - An advanced Imperial design that started with the TIE Advanced project, the TIE Avenger is second only to the famous TIE Defender in terms of capabilities. It is armed with 4 laser cannons and 2 universal warhead launchers. Tawny has opted not to modify this craft.

Republic Sienar Fleet Systems/Koensayr K-Wing - A recent bomber design for the New Republic, the K-Wing is a powerhouse of a bomber. On top of boasting good protection, the K-Wing is armed to the teeth with a twin laser cannon turret, a light quad turbolaser turret, and 18 external warhead hardpoints, which can carry just about every warhead currently in service. Currently seeing deployment against the Yevetha, Tawny employed her personal K-Wing in action against Titan forces with considerable success.

CEC YZ-775 Transport Pulsar Knight - Launched just after the Clone Wars, the 52-meter long YZ-775 is probably the biggest ship to be called a "light freighter" and possibly the most heavily armed non-military ship in its size range. Though Imperial authorities protested such a heavy loadout, which included 2 turbolaser turrets, 2 twin laser cannon turrets, and 2 proton torpedo launchers, CEC did obtain permission in the end to produce it. Tawny acquired it in an auction of assets that were no longer used by the Temple forces, and uses it as a sort of "pocket gunship" role.