Tech Krill

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Member Profile
Tech Krill
Career Information
Callsign Preybird
Rank Colonel
Join Unknown
Current Status Active
Current Station ISD Redemption
Other Current Positions
  • Red Dragon 9, VSG
  • Corsair 4, AF
  • Personal Information (fictional)
    Homeworld Tek
    Species Tarkaan
    Gender Male
    Age 32
    Height 5'11"
    Hair color Dark brown
    Eye color Gold
    Personal Information (Real Life)
    Gender Male
    Location Florida
    Age 22

    A member of the Rebel Squadrons.


    • Current rank: Colonel
    • Position: Red Dragon 9, VSG ; Corsair 4, AF
    • Medals: 35 total - I'm too lazy to copy all of it :)
    • Starfighter: None



    Born on the planet Tek, he was one of the few who survived the great Jedi Purge. His parents hid him carefully on the planet's surface before the Imperial occupation troops arrived to kill all of the Force-sensatives down there. He was found a few days later when a Rebel Alliance relief team came to help any survivors. Tech was put up for adoption, soon adopted by Aleron and Girshi Krill at age three.

    He spent his childhood on the planet Moldov, son of a pod-racer who took his son to many races. In an old junkyard, Tech found a deactivated R2 astromech droid. Taking a liking to the droid, he repaired it and named it "Rogue" for its viscious insults that it gives out often. After a serious racing accident with Aleron Krill, Tech is given the smashed remains of his father's pod, which he eventually fixes and learns to fly. Eventually, he successfully races on Malestare in a nearby system, winning second place. At age 19, his parents support his wishes to join the New Republic. He is assigned to the Aurora Force and successfully completes the academy.

    Tech Krill and several other members of the Aurora Force set out to discover the location of his homeworld. Nowhere can it be found, but Tech had an idea where to look. He took his friend Raada Seru to the planet Hoth to probe through the abandoned databases at Echo Base. Tek is found, and with the unexpectedly arrived Gavin Kravis, they traveled there. Raada and Kravis returned to the Aurora Force while Tech spent nearly a year studying the ancient writings of his race and interperating the language.

    As he traveled back towards the Aurora Force, he was forced onto the Imperial- occupied planet of Naboo, where he made a temporary alliance with the Trandosian Tradossk and his human companion Garret Stone. Together, they made it offworld, parting ways. Later, Tech discovered that Garret Stone was not human, but a Tarkaan like himself, another survivor of Tek's devastation.

    Upon returning to the Aurora Force's flagship, the Imladris, he spent a few months there before striking out to make a living on his own. He got money after his adoptive parents both died in an accidental fire in their residential complex. With the money, he bought a used X-wing starfighter for personal transportation. Afterwards, he went from system to system looking for places to race his pod to try to win more money. He soon became an accomplished racer.

    After almost a year, Tech and a group of friends formed the mercenary group the Hawk Bats. Stealing a freshly built dreadnought for their flagship, they installed an advanced automation center and set out to make a living. Taking jobs for money, they made it for almost five years before financial issues caused them to break up.

    Tech Krill rejoined the Aurora Force for a short time, but found no meaning in his work or life there. Setting out again, he made it for almost another year before finally losing all his money.

    With Tech Krill's arrest wanted by many governments, his Force abilities diminished to near nothingness, broke, and without a job, he set out to make a living through theivery. However, he stepped on the wrong toes of the Talski pirates, starting a two month flight for his life as they relentlessly pursued him. Finally stumbling on the Aurora Force fleet, where he had left his beloved Hawk Bat flagship and many Hawk Bats, they drove the pirates off and he rejoined the Aurora Force to the present day.

    /This is the original biography, without any modifications./

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