Teke Daggerscout

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Teke Daggerscout was a very active member and leader within the Rebel Squadrons for several years.

Fiction Autobiography

Her autobiography as it appeared in the Rebel Squadrons Newsletter Volume 3 Issue 3, April 1997.

  • Lt. Commander Daggerscout - Executive Officer
  • Green Leader, Green Company, 1st Plattoon, Commando Division, NRS Justifier

I was born just outside of Anchorhead, on the planet of Tatooine. Up until I was ten, I lived the dull existence of a farmboy and the son of a mechanic. When I was ten years old though, that all changed. My mother was killed in a Tusken Raider attack, and less than a week later the Empire foreclosed on our property because we were unable to pay their outrageous taxes. In desperation, we (my father Rey, and my two older brothers, Koe and Tap) moved to Mos Eisley. My father took up work as a starship mechanic under contract for Jabba the Hutt. For the next few years, Mos Eisley was a bad influence on me. Soon after moving there, I began to pick pockets, and then began to deal in stolen blasters.

One day a friend of my father's talked him into accompanying him on a smuggling run. They never returned, and were presumed dead after a fruitless search. We soon learned that the ship they were aboard was the property of Jabba, and that the ship was borrowed in our fathers name. It was right at this time that my oldest brother, Koe, revealed that for years he had been working for the Rebellion, and that he was leaving Tatooine to join the Alliance Forces. So Tap and I became the indentured servants of Jabba the Hutt in order to repay him. Tap, who in the past had proven himself to have the potential to become a great pilot, was assigned aboard a smuggling ship, and I, despite the fact that I wasn't even thirteen years old yet, became a mechanic for Jabba's sail barge and skiffs. I also continued my practice of selling stolen blasters.

When I was fifteen, Taps captain allowed me to "tag along" on a run. While in the docking bay on Kashyyyk, we were attacked by Jackers. We won the fight, but the poor captain managed to get his head blown off. We went back to Tatooine, fearful of what Jabba might do to us. Fortunately, we never got to find out. We returned to discover that a certain group of rebels had killed the Hutt, along with most of his highest ranking cronies. Taking advantage of the chaotic aftermath, Tap found an old acquaintance of ours to be his co-pilot, and we took the ship and ran.

For the next five years, the three of us enjoyed the smugglers life. Traveling the galaxy, trading goods as we went. We were happy, and were having the times of our lives until we had the misfortune of running into an ISD full of pirate Imps. They wanted to "requisition" our money and our ship to aid in their war against the infant New Republic. We had no choice but to comply. That is, until a cocky young officer personally offended me, and i lost my temper. As a result my brother and his co-pilot were killed, and i found myself in a prison cell, most likely awaiting execution, or perhaps even a life of slavery. Anyway, i had a few tricks up my sleeve (actually, they were in the sole of my boot) and i managed to escape my cell. During the fight, I accidentally caused the door of the cell across from me to open. The man who walked out was none other than my brother Koe! Small galaxy huh? Just imagine my surprise.

Well, our shock had to wait, as the current situation we found ourselves in demanded priority. I was glad to discover that for the past eight years Koe had been a Commando Marine for the New Republic, and getting on and off hostile ships was his specialty. We managed to fight our way on the undermanned ship (causing mass destruction along the way) to the docking bay where we stole a ship for our escape. The Imps attempted pursuit, but they were so undermanned and over budget, they must have decided we weren't worth the effort anymore.

After that, I decided to return to Coruscant with Koe and get revenge on the remnants of the Empire. I served with the Thumper Commandos for several years, and I recently received a transfer to Green Company where I now serve as Green Leader. I was soon promoted to Executive Officer of the Division.


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