Terek Allerti

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Terek Allerti
Biographical information
Homeworld Chandrila
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 1.84 meters
Weight 90.7 kilograms
Hair color Brown
Eye colorBlue
Chronological and political information
Affiliation New Republic
Associations Zealot Special Operations Unit
Ranks First Lieutenant
Titles Operator 1-6

First Lieutenant Terek Allerti served as Operator 1-6 in the Zealot Special Operations Unit. He is a graduate of the first class of the New Republic Military Academy on Coruscant, and branched into Special Operations.

The Character

Lieutenant Allerti served on Boarding Team Jameson-228 within the New Republic. During the boarding of a suspected Imperial corvette, Captain Rimmerman Korskof shot a child in the knee in a misguided attempt to extract information from the captain. Lieutenant Allerti killed Captain Korskof with a burst of blaster fire to the head after he refused to lower his weapon. The corvette was not affiliated with the Imperials in any way. In order to maintain the effectiveness of the team, Lieutenant Allerti accepted extensive medical leave and a transfer to Zealot Special Operations Unit. After serving with the team for a few operations, Terek requested transfer to a different team, deciding that he could not effectively serve in the more irregular forces of the Rebel Squadrons.


Terek Allerti is a male Human with brown hair and blue eyes. His hair is cut short on the sides and is somewhat longer on top. He shaves regularly when in garrison, but within 24 hours after shaving, develops a dark stubble. He is large, but not excessively bulky, and moves fairly well.

Behind the Scenes

Terek Allerti is a character run by Lamin Zykara.