Terrak "TJ" Jace

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TJ is currently in Battler's Platoon.

Internet Graphics Officer. Made design #4 in February 2006, which was voted to be the default design shortly thereafter.

Terrak "TJ" Jace
Biographical information
Homeworld Thyferra
Date of birth Unknown
Family 1 Sister: Amirana, 2 Brothers: Rannik and Jarrack.
Physical description
Species Human/Enhanced
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Weight Unknown
Hair color Black
Eye colorGreen
Distinguishing features Numerous Imperial Tattoos from his days as an Officer, including a large imperial navy symbol on his left bicep and a large blacksun insignia on his left pectoral muscle.
Chronological and political information
Era(s) Unknown
Affiliation Previously: Blacksun & Galactic Empire
Ranks Lieutenant Commander of Commando Division
Titles Previously Rear Admiral in the Imperial Order, Commander of Avenger Regiment.

Early Life:

Terrak was raised with his brothers and sister on the planet of Thyferra, his parents were part of a large bioengineering conglomerate who were trading with the local Imperial Moffs, for years it was unclear whether Terrak's family were genetically enhanced but this caught the attention of a Moff who quickly became friends with his parents. Feeling that he didn't want to become his father he began to race in illegal swoop races across various cities, he soon fell into the wrong crowd and developed a love for covert operations whilst working for the Blacksun Organisation on Coruscant, after becoming a bane in the local Imperial's side, he was subject to a galaxy wide manhunt and caught.

The Moff which was friends with his family stopped TJ being sent to Kessel and offered him a job in one of his regiments because he saw potential in the young thyferran, after a decade of service in the Imperial Order he eventually found himself as a Rear Admiral. The Imperial Order fell into disarray and Terrak fled to the unknown regions of space, another Imperial Admiral saw Terrak's fleeing as treason even in the fall of the empire, and proceeded to hunt him, Terrak slew his hunter and escaped with some captured rebel officers.

Having no where left to go he turned himself over to the rebels, who in turn offered him a position as a soldier in the commando division for his valuable information on the Empire. He still flys his modified TIE defender, and uses Imperial technology but is slowly adjusting to Rebel technology.

Despite TJ's questionable past he was warmly welcomed by the rebels and is slowly adjusting to his new life and purpose.

Real Life

Currently TJ is freelancing design for numerous companies in England, is newly single and very happy about it!

Current RS Projects

Jedi Division Site

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