The Skirmish at Relin (104)

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Dramatis Personae (in order of appearance):

Mission Summary

The Skirmish at Relin was the inaugural mission for the Zealots. It was to be their first test as a unit, and as such it was a pretty straightforward mission. Badly under-supplied, a convoy lead by the Frigate Horizon was bound for the Fersto system in order to resupply the Subterrel Strike Force. However, an Imperial task force was detected within sensor range of the convoy's entry point. In order to allow the convoy to slip by, Zealot was charged with causing a distraction at Relin, where the forementioned Imperial force was holding station.

This distraction was to be carried out by the only operational A-wings the strike force had left, which were distributed to Zealot because, as Cody put it, they were "special." In preparation for the mission, many of the Zealots spent time requalifying, or qualifying for the first time, on the A-wing in the simulators. After a brief speech in the hanger bay by Cody, the group took to their fighters and launched.

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