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EF76-B Nebulon-class escort frigate.jpg
Production information
Class EF76-B Nebulon-class escort frigate
Technical specifications
Length 300 meters
Width 72 meters
Height/depth 166 meters
Maximum acceleration 1200 g
Maximum speed (space) 12 mglt
Maximum speed (atmosphere) 800 km/h
Engine unit(s) Kuat Galaxy-15 ion engines (7)
Hyperdrive rating
  • Class 2
  • Backup Class 12
  • Shielding 2560 SBD
    Hull 1520 RU
    Role(s) Frigate
    Earliest sighting PBF 101
    Latest sighting PBF 101
    Present for battles/events PBF 101
    Affiliation Galactic Empire

    Part of the Imperial task force present in the Minos Cluster during the Minos Conflict led by the Star Destroyer Apocalypse.


    Part of Imperial forces led by the Star Destroyer Apocalypse that assaulted the planet Dar'telis I. Part of Imperial defences that attempted to prevent Republic Shield reconnaissance forces from operating in the combat zone. The reconnaissance forces evaded the defences, and managed to escape with their surveillance data, after destroying a number of Tyrannian vessels containing Imperial materiel. (PBF101)


    Behind the Scenes

    In PBF 101 the ship appears as The Thorn.

    Former Task Force Assignments

    Warships of the Minos Assault Group:

    Flagship: Apocalypse

    Dar'telis Wing

    Emissary - Death Strike

    Thorn - Scimitar - Harasser II

    Tiacin - Tiosip

    Yridia Wing

    Blackheart - Python

    Raven - Ravage

    Saber - Pintea - Reklimic - Agar

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