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Region Outer Rim
Sector Minos Cluster
System Dar'Telis system
Suns 1: Dar'Telis
Moons None
Orbital Distance 1.3 AU
Diameter 17,100 km
Planetary class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Type I
Gravity Standard (1.4 standard)
Surface water 25%
Primary terrain Barren, metropolis
Length of Day 31 Standard Hours
Length of Year 392.3 Standard Days
Population Unknown
Native species None
Official language None
Government Unknown
Affiliation None
Exports Unknown
Import Technology, metals

Prior to contact with the known galactic starfaring races (i.e. the Empire), the Tyrannians had developed their culture in isolation. They had developed a simple hierarchical government and a culture based on mechanized technologies. It should be noted that is common for members of this species to undergo voluntary replacement of their body parts with mechanically augmented prostheses. Indeed, their hunger for new and improved technologies has led them to take control of their entire system and destroy just about all who enter. To date, the Imperial Survey Corps has only had the opportunity to conduct long range sensor sweeps of the Dar'Telis system. Closer inspections have been, to date, unwarranted and unwise. Only one Tyrannian -Admiral Dactyl of EH's Infiltrator Wing- is known to live outside the Dar'Telis system.

All attempts to study this planet have been met by the capturing of imperial satellites, probes and patrol craft. It appears the inhabitants themselves have a total fascination with new technology and a total disregard for human (i.e. non-Tyrannian) life. What is presented below is collated from reports from a handful of smugglers and freighters that have entered and returned from Tyrannus. It should be noted that this information should be regarded as suspect since it is derived from rumor and not official Imperial Survey Corps communications.

One lone and desperate smuggler by the name of Serris Kal made a reportedly profitable run into the Dar'Telis system several months ago. His light freighter, the Princess Bee, a light and moderately well-equipped hyperspace craft, was reported as leaving Eden with a full load of stolen Imperial parts, equipment and exotic metals, and returning some 3 months later badly damaged...Apparently the result of a quick exit from the Tyrannus homeworld. Serris Kal supposedly had credits to burn as he made hasty repairs on his ship at Eden, spent thousands in the gambling dens then left the next morning in a big hurry. The freightsmen in Eden recently told Imperial Intelligence that Serris Kal only had a burning desire to leave the Minos Cluster never to return. He had been seen prior to departure uttering something about "horrible machines and a 'megalopolis of steel' "...

Another Ithorian freighter going by the name of Immaaa Herdship 4 reportedly makes regular runs to the Dar'Telis system with frequent stops in the Yridia system as well as Lyccos. To date, Imperial Intelligence has been unable to locate the elusive Ithorian freighter. However, Intel suspects that the Ithorians may have some vested and as yet unknown interest in the Tyrannians.

Several Huttese crimelords and princes based on Lyccos have also reportedly made several somewhat profitable runs of technology and equipment to Dar'Telis. However, most of the major Hutt Lords seem a bit squeamish when the subject is brought up in conversation. Any such trades or secret dealings remain behind closed doors on Lyccos II.

Although it is known that the Tyrannians possess only ships up to Dreadnaught and Frigate class in their fleet, they have also reportedly purchased, cajoled, borrowed or stolen a collection of several hundred Corporate, Imperial and Rebel fighters, ships and equipment. Consequently, resistance to Imperial or New Republic rule in this system may pose a significant risk.