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Member Profile
Career Information
Callsign Super
Full RS Name Super
A.K.A. fcsuper, Matt101a1
Rank Sector Admiral
Join July 19, 1995
Current Status Active
Current Station Knight Spire Garrison, Salsasia IVb
Current Offices none
Current Command Positions none
Other Current Positions Honorary High Command Member,
Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander Emeritus,
Task Task Force Chisha 7 RID,
Battlers Platoon 4 CD
Past Positions of note Gold Squadron (original) Commander,
July 1995 - Feb. 1996
Fleet Commander,
March 1996 - Nov 1996
Redemption Fleet Commander,
April 1996 - Nov 1996
Redemption Fleet Commander,
April 1997 - Nov 1997
Commando Division Commander,
April 2005 - Nov 2006.
Recruited by Byteman58
Personal Information (fictional)
Era(s) After Endoran victory
Homeworld Normus
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 25
Height 54692 tKs
Weight 4,43,3 dorbit factors
Hair color Red
Eye color Violet
Distinguishing features Swaggers
Personal Information (Real Life)
Name Matthew Lorono
Gender Male
Location Denver, CO
Age 49
Occupation Definition Product Manager


Super was one of several persons that re-founded the Rebel Squadrons in July of 1995. His first command was the original Gold Squadron. After some time he introduced the gaming method called Interactive Tour of Duty, then referred to as InterTOD, now called ITOD, which served as an early beacon for gamers looking for an interactive experience in the days before online gaming.

Becomes First Fleet Commander

Due to his success and timed with failures by other leaders, the membership of the Rebel Squadrons held a club wide referendum in February 1996 to choose Super as the new leader. Once leader, he established the rank of Fleet Commander and he set out to restructure the RS better support club activities and prepare it for further growth. After a rocky shake up in March and April 1996, he and many other members where able to lay the foundation for the Rebel Squadrons' future. More details to this can be found at the following links:

Historial Office Article | Chronology of RS Fleet Commanders | Brief History of the RS |

History of the RF

Later Career Activities

Super disappeared on Nov 30, 1996 and re-emerged in April 1997 where he formally stepped down as Fleet Commander. Dialathos had been elected Acting FC by the High Command, so Super proposed that the HC just make Dialathos the FC. Super settled in to his new non-FC role, reassuming direct command of Redemption Fleet, and oversaw the start of several groups, including the Commando Division, then called the New Republic Commando Division. At his request in late 1997, the NRCD was made a Fleet, and Super was promoted to Sector Admiral. He then retired from the Rebel Squadrons.

In mid-1998, Super returned to active duty, and started the Office of Historical Records, and some sort of recruitment corp within the Redemption Fleet. With lack of time and changing enviroment, he was unable to effectively handle operations so resigned those positions after several months. At this point, Super felt he was no longer able to contribute to the Rebel Squadrons, so he retired from the club entirely in early 1999.

Coming out of Retirement

Super returned again to active duty in 2005 to play the new Battlefront game. He was stunned to find the Commando Division (then called Rebel Squadrons Commando Division (RSCD)) in disarray. The then current Fleet Commander Spokes asked him to take command of the RSCD to return it to its former glory (or at the very least to give it someone who could run its operations). Super created the MMOC, oversaw the retirement of the Katarns, splitting the Jedi games from the other FPS games, the renaming of the RSCD to Command Division (CD), the demotion of the Commando Division to wing status under the RF, and roster restructuring; all in an overall strategy to get Commando Division into a position to be built up around the new FPS games. His effects turned the Command Division around, but more work is to be done. In Nov 2006, Super resigned as Commando Division Commander.

Currently, he is again retired.

Fiction Biography


Super was a young but ingenious strategist who first proved his talent in the Outland Pirate Bands. As a pilot in the Pirate Bands, he was reckless but brave. His bravery quickly earned him respect throughout the Outland. After a series of heated battles with rival bands, his recklessness was replaced by inspiration. His career in the Pirate Bands came to a climax when he organized and commanded a raid on one of our own Rebel Alliance Frigates, the Mainstay. After capturing the Mainstay, he renamed it to Warcry and turned his attention to attacking the larger targets of the Empire, with his ever growing number of loyal privateers and pirates.

However, Super soon discovered why the Rebel Alliance had so few capital ships at that time. They are extremely expensive to maintain. To account for this, he established an extensive privateer network to fund the Warcry operations. This gave Super much needed supply-line and economic experience. Rebel Alliance Intel observed Super for two years and finally offered him the opportunity to join the Alliance as Vice Admiral commanding his own Rebel Alliance fighter squadron aboard the Warcry. Accepting this position and flying the Rebel Alliance flag on the Warcry meant he had to get most of his loyal people to approve and sign on with him. Fortunantly for the Rebel Alliance, most of his people did sign on and joined us in the fight against our common enemy, the Empire.

Rebel Alliance/New Republic Career

Super was first given command of Gold Squadron within the reassembled Rebel Squadrons (RS). RS was then assigned to Frontier patrol duties in the Greeop Sector. Super moved up in the ranks within the RS. Soon after the Battle of Endor, he was promoted to Admiral and given the command of the RS as Fleet Commander. Super was able to use mandate to reorganized the Rebel Squadrons to conduct ever expansive operations. After only 8 months, Super was captured by Imperial spies and held captive for 6 months before he was rescued in a secret New Republic operation. He did return to active service within the RS for a time, but not as the Fleet Commander. After many years, Super still remains active in RS activies.

External Links

Current Exoclub Interests and Projects

Super is currently exploring the 400 million star galaxy of Elite Dangerous as "fcsuper" as a founder of the Without Sun squadron.