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My characters page: Lespin, Becki

Real LifeTM

Lives in Texas, grew up in Florida, went to school in Florida, a software engineer, and has been around computers all his life. Holds a Private Pilot, Single Engine Land certificate. Loves Aviation and Space. Collects LEGO Star Wars.

Star Wars gaming experience

Online Gaming Experience

  • Quake/Quakeworld/Teamfortress
  • Quake II, founder and leader of a Capture the Flag Clan, "Clan Eagle", based out of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Counterstrike/Counterstrike:Source
  • Everquest: June '00 to June '06. Second in Command of an Elemental+ Guild, "Thuudd's Wrecking Crew" on the Rathe Server -Retired-
  • Lineage II Beta Tester
  • World of Warcraft, 15+ months, on and off. A founder of the "No Brew Left Behind" guild, on the Dalaran Server.
  • EVE Online, 2-3 Months -Retired-

My Todo List, for the Wiki

  • Finish up Lespin
  • Start up Becki
  • Fill in any articles that I reference in Lespin or Becki
  • Post Picture of Becki, Lespin and Lespin's ships.

My Todo List, in Game

  • Get the GMs to give the Darkstrider surname to Lespin and Becki, decided I liked it more than Duststrider, since he will not be from Tatooine. If they where originally from Tat, I would have kept it. But then the GMs gave the Starsider surname to Becki, which baffles my mind!
  • Get shipwright suit made
  • Start the rest of the IR2s in factory
  • Get some blue leather couches in the Bunker for seating.
  • Complete 1 or 2 more Storage Increase Collections to place in Bunker
  • Complte Imp Starship Kill Quota
  • Start Nova/Orion Missions.
  • Complete C3PO's collection
  • Buy 14.9+ Starship Crafting Station for Bunker
  • Take picture of Becki and Lespin for Wiki


  • Move Mount Bioengineering Operation to Bunker
  • Complete R2D2's collection