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  • Fleet Commander
  • Chief of Staff (& acting RSXO)
  • Internet Officer
  • RgF CO
  • R2F CO
  • PBF XO, acting PBF CO
  • IBG Talon Wing CO
  • responsible for shaping RS website
  • Beginner's Path
  • Joined in August 2001, active until September 2006


  • FireClaw, PBF (currently FireClaw 10)
  • Skull, R2F
  • Jedi, RgF
  • Stinger, IBG
  • Ghost, RF
  • Good at XW, TIE, XvT, devising mission strategies
  • XvT MP pilot 2002, ranking in WoW
  • Built missions, especially X-W
  • Achieved Top Gun multiple times for XW, TIE, XvT


  • Hellfire, R2F
  • Ragnarok, RgF
  • Wildcard, IBG
  • Nightwolf, IBG
  • PBF OpLan
  • PBF Paladin
  • PBF Project Templar
  • R2F OpLan
  • R2F Intel
  • RgF Phantom
  • IBG Requiem


  • club functioned efficiently
  • projects: fully-featured "postgraduate" Academy
  • assists Josh
  • handles ORW3
  • edits wiki


  • "induces HC into unusual levels of activity"
  • faults are: impatience (i.e. not delegating); politics (recommending people for positions); passion (interferes with reason and presumably causes burnout)
  • known for varied and numerous project ideas, scattered around the wiki
  • "considered by some to be one of the leading authorities on the Rebel Squadrons"


  • (NB read bio) Valruudd, mixed human, male, age 19, height 1.78m, weight 69.83 kg, reddish/white hair, brown eyes, part fox


  • mom named Raisin (Cody, Kaz usage)
  • made appearance almost every day

From User:Licah Fox

done but needs expansion from the relevant pages

  • Projects
  • RS-wide merits (returns in current form 18 July 2007: "Each of these will require a great effort to initiate and maintain, one which I'm not prepared to commit to by myself. I will work with others who are equally enthused about the projects to make them a reality, if such persons manifest themselves.")
  • Academy
  • Missions Database
  • Competitions
  • Uses notepad
  • RS World Project (returns 18 July 2007)
  • Expand the wiki

From to-do list (19 Feb 2006):

  • Write final FireClaw NL
  • add recent medals to main page
  • Submit BP to HC (decided not to at the time) (did do on 1 March)
  • write advanced mission designing guide - got key stuff up at Mission building, 28 Feb)
  • possibly complete rest of website courses for academy (then "whatever, if they catch on, drop me an email"; "I've made two exams") Snap might write code for it?
  • bring up Initial genre project to HC
  • write script that matches forum and roster profiles; same for wiki ("have been doing this manually for the past year or so") (did do by 1 March, but not for wiki)
  • fix RS email redirects (done with much help from Josh, 25 Feb) (Snap makes updating automatic, 1 March)
  • Thanksgiving 2006: returned to make some updates and creations of RSers pages (since I saw Linden in Chicago)
  • January 2007: winter recess; worked on ORW3 and helped Josh with some other things

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