Tethran Cotec

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Member Profile
Tethran Cotec
Career Information
Full RS Name Tethran Cotec
A.K.A. '
Rank Commander
Join Long enough ago to have forgotten when
Current Status Active
Current Offices none
Current Command Positions none
Other Current Positions Second Generation 3 AF,
Task Force Shochu 2 RF,
Citadel 6 ABG,
Alter 7 ABG,
CSDB Access 13 ABG
Past Positions of note tbd
Recruited by tbd
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld tbd
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 20
Height tdb
Hair color tbd
Eye color tbd
Distinguishing features tbd
Personal Information (Real Life)
Gender Male
Location England
Age 20
Occupation not disclosed

Tethran Cotec is signed up with RID, ABG and the AF.