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Woot! Didn't know I had my very own talk page!

Current Projects:

--Working with the RSPA and RS in the reintegration process of the RSPA back to fleet status. --Reviewing RSPA members ranks/promotions/recognition/contributions --Reviewing RSPA's membership requirements and Rules of Conduct. This project is mostly bein undertaken by Abi. --Updating the RSPA roster withing the RS --Working with the RSPA Command Staff to design our Wing/Squad/Flight structure --Coordinating the updating the Vanguard wiki pages --Reviewing all references to the RSPA within the pages of the RS main site and wiki --Working with Leaph Chausew to get News in an RP format to the RS front page --Hopefully will be part of the team giving input into the RS merit system with regard to VF --Need to develop something on the RSPA forums to let folks know all the goodies available for them as members of the RS main.

bleh, that's enough for now.