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MC80 Star Cruiser
Production information
Class MC80 Star Cruiser
Technical specifications
Length 1200 meters
Maximum speed (space) 60 mglt
Hyperdrive rating

  • Class 1
  • Backup Class 8
Shielding 3,840 SBD (+1,920 Backup SBD)
Hull 2128 RU

  • Taim & Bak XV9 Turbolaser Batteries (48)
  • ArMek SW-7 Ion Cannon Batteries (20)
  • Phylon-Q7 Tractor Beam Projectors (6)

  • Starfighters (72)
  • Shuttles (5)
  • Light freighters (2)
  • Light mixture of ground vehicles

  • Crew (5,402)
    • Officers (668)
    • Enlisted (4,488)
    • Gunners (246)
Minimum crew 1,230
Passengers 1,200 troops
Cargo capacity 20,000 metric tons
Consumables 2 years

  • Cruiser
  • Carrier
  • Destroyer
Earliest sighting RgF 401
Present for battles/events

  • RgF 401
  • RgF 406
Affiliation New Republic

New Republic vessel.


Led a New Republic Defence Fleet task force which came under attack by Imperial forces led by the Victory Star Destroyer Kingpin. The vessel was disabled by the time reinforcements arrived to assist. Republic Shield forces responded to the New Republic distress call, and defended the task force, engaging the Imperial task force. The arrival of Republic Shield reinforcements in the form of the Frigate Unforgiven and the Strike Cruiser Kayak realised victory in the battle, destroying the Imperial task force and capturing the Imperial command ship. Imperial reinforcements delivered to the combat zone by the Strike Cruiser Capricorn and the Frigate Taurus were also repulsed, securing the area from Imperial interloping forces. However the victory was not without price, as several of the New Republic craft were destroyed in the confrontation, including the corvette Solaris II. A repair crew from the transport Spectre I docked with the vessel and repaired vital systems, allowing the vessel to limp from the combat zone. (RgF401)

Reinforced New Republic and Republic Shield forces which had disabled the Escort Carrier Gemini. The Gemini had suffered damage from a collision with an asteroid in the Zeta Gamma belt, which disabled several systems, including hyperdrive. The nearby New Republic communications satellite ST302 alerted New Republic and Republic Shield forces of this, and strike teams were assembled to disabled the Escort Carrier and its resupply convoy. The vessel entered the combat zone after the Gemini had been disabled and launched capture teams to commandeer a number of disabled craft in the area. Launched a boarding party on the transport VAL3393 to wrest control of the Escort Carrier from the Imperial crew, greatly assisted by commandos that launched aboard the shuttle group VAL4049. Also launched the transport group VAL7045 that carried repair crews which repaired and capture the Imperial repair freighters Triton I and Triton II, carrying a replacement hyperdrive for the Gemini. Finally launched the shuttle group VAL2956, which carried New Republic pilots to several disabled Imperial starfighters, which were captured, repaired and crewed by the replacement pilots. After the remaining Imperial forces had been quelled or captured, the vessel received the returning transport VAL3393, the transport group VAL7045, and the shuttle group VAL2956. Followed the Gemini from the combat zone, as the New Republic engineers onboard the Escort Carrier had activated the backup hyperdrive, to move away from the Zeta Gamma belt to a temporary location where the captured repair freighters could restore the Gemini to operational status away from Imperial reinforcements. Travelled to the repair zone, and protected the repair operations of the Escort Carrier Gemini. (RgF406)


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