Vanguard Fleet

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Vanguard Fleet
General Information
Founder(s) Wes Belden and Patrick Blastfire
Leader Graxul StarWeaver
Headquarters New Horizon, Rori
Locations Chommell Sector
Historical Information
Founding June 2003
Other Information
Subunits Sabre,Resurrection,Green

Vanguard Fleet is the Rebel Squadrons Player Association (RSPA) in LucasArts's/Sony Online Entertainment's MMORPG Star Wars: Galaxies.


The RSPA is well-known as a guild on the Starsider galaxy. Serving with distinction on both the ground and in space since launch, the guild has maintained a steady, solid presence as the dominant Rebel Alliance guild on Starsider. We believe is it the oldest guild on the server as well.

The RSPA is particularly known for its lethalness in starfighter combat, where it currently fields two squadrons: Resurrection Squadron and Sabre Squadron. To compliment our main squadrons we are involved a inter-guild squadrons, Antinko, lead by Leaph Chausew The RSPA has a very proud space history, being central to the game's pilot community.

The guild's soldiers also have a proud history in ground combat on Starsider. Past groups have sported the name "Xinn's Xealots" as elite ground troops led by soliders and Jedi such as Rahj Tharen, Isoldur Cauthon (aka Trossk), Richard Gross, Badin Flyingwave, and the infamous XHSW, among many others. Green Squad is the current marine squad and its current leaders are Abi Ocopaqui and our much loved Wookiee Anishor.

The city of New Horizon on Rori is the home to the Vanguard Fleet. It's mayor is Richard Gross. The RSPA also is home to the crafting group "New Horizon Designs." Joshua Arands sister, Jesalyn Arands, is the CEO of New Horizon Designs.

Currently commanded by Graxul StarWeaver, the current command staff includes RSPA legend Richard Gross, A-wing pilot Leaph Chausew, Anishor, and several other Starsider notables.


The RSPA was founded shortly after the game's launch by Wes Belden and Patrick Blastfire. Prior to Vanguard Fleet reaching fleet status, it was known simply as the SWG PA, or Star Wars Galaxies Player Association, and it resided within Redemption Fleet.

Its leader, both prior to and after the game's release, was Wes Belden, who, due to his university accommodation messing up his internet connection, disappeared during 2003 between September and December. During this time the PA reached fleet status and was given its current name. Some might argue that his leaving was a blessing (hopefully in disguise) as the PA flourished into a full fleet during his absence (who knows what number of faux pas would have been made had he remained :P).

During this time the membership gradually grew from around an initial dozen, while the members explored, familiarized and established themselves in game. Moving virtually on foot (as at the time animal mounts and vehicles were not available) from Coronet to Tyrena (two cities on Corellia) was one of the proud achievements at the time which just a few weeks later seemed underwhelming and trivial as the group's characters progressed and the community within the game began to mature.

One thing that did and indeed has not diminished was managing to acquire a Player Association hall so early in the game. The Rebel Squadrons PA (as the SWG PA and now Vanguard Fleet are known in game) is now one of the longest living and well known groups on their server, thanks to the initial efforts of a few in the early stages and the continuing efforts that have followed and indeed continue on to this day.

Fleet Organization

The Official Rosters are located in the private area of the Vanguard Fleet's message board. For a quick overview of the rosters click on the links next to the squadrons name:

  • Space Operations
    • Sabre Squadron [1]
    • Resurrection Squadron [2]
    • Antinko Squadron, a inter-guild squadron of A-Wing pilots
  • Ground Operations
    • Green Squad [3]
  • Commercial Operations
    • New Horizon Designs [4]

Previous Squadrons

  • Grey Squadron - A flight training squad within Vanguard
  • Reaver Squadron - A bomber space squadron
  • Vigilante Squadron - A inter-guild space squadron

RS Fleets: ABG - PBF - RF - VSG