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Timeline of tours

IBG                                       |--------------|        |-----|--------|  |-----------|  |---
                                             Tour 1   |--------|   Tour 3 Tour 4       Tour 5
                                                        Tour 2

RgF                                    |-----------|  |-----------|  |--------------|  |---------------
                                          Tour 1          Tour 2         Tour 3            Tour 4

R2F               |--------|  |-----------|--------|  |--------|  |-----------------------|-----------|
                    Tour 4       Tour 5     Tour 6      Tour 7             Tour 8            Tour 9

PBF   |-----------|  |-----------|-----------------|--------------|--------------|  |-----------------|
         Tour 1         Tour 2         Tour 3           Tour 4         Tour 5            Tour 6

|  -  =  -  |  -  =  -  |  -  =  -  |  -  =  -  |  -  =  -  |  -  =  -  |  -  =  -  |  -  =  -  |  -  | 
1998        1999        2000        2001        2002        2003        2004        2005        2006

      |-----------|              |--------|              |-----|
      Minos Conflict           Outer Rim War I        Outer Rim War II

Locations of fleets per tour

Locations that the various fleet campaigns took place in during what times:

  • PBF Tour 1 took place during the Minos Cluster, during the Minos Conflict -- so the campaign involves elements from the interclub competition
  • R2F Tour 4 was at the same time as PBF Tour 2, with R2F forces stationed on the 'outskirts of RS space', and PBF forces caught by unexpected Imperial forces still in the Minos Cluster, despite the Imperial defeat
  • R2F Tour 5 takes place during the first half of PBF Tour 3, which is during the events of Outer Rim War I, with R2F forces based in the outskirts of RS space, then ending up in a fringe Imperial zone, attempting to escape from it. PBF forces begin the process of rooting out the remaining Imperial forces in the Minos Cluster -- while PBF are hunting Imps in the Minos Cluster and R2F are trying to escape from Imperial patrols out of RS space, the war of the Cadrel Expanse rages on
  • The second half of PBF Tour 3 takes place at the same time as R2F Tour 6, RgF Tour 1, and IBG Tour 1. PBF forces finish up removing the remaing Imperial presence form the Minos Cluster. R2F forces begin taming the newly-acquired Cadrel Expanse. RgF forces venture into "rogue" Imperial territory to liberate an alien world. IBG forces stirke deep into established Imperial territory to destroy a major Imperial shipyards complex
  • PBF Tour 4, R2F Tour 7, RgF Tour 2, and IBG Tour 2 take place during the events of Outer Rim War II. PBF forces fight a major pirate organising that beat the shit out of them first in the Halas Sector, then into the Enomea Rim (White Guard territory). R2F forces contest Imperial presence in the Osiris Sector. RgF forces embark on an undercover mission to locate and destroy a hidden Imperial outpost. IBG forces start taming the Cadrel Expanse, and found New Trassk Base. This all happens while RS forces cut deep into Imperial territory, liberating the Binaural Sector.
  • IBG Tour 3 takes place during the first half of PBF Tour 5, and the first part of R2W Tour 8. PBF forces hunt down Imperial forces disrupting shipping in the Cadrel Expanse. R2W forces head out to the Desmedona Sector, referred to as "Unknown Regions" which is innacurate but we can work with it. IBG forces travel to somewhere 'near' the Cadrel Expanse, but sort of far away, to help evacuate a planet who's star is about to go supernova.
    • With New Trassk Base in the Cadrel Expanse, I would wonder why IBG didn't help PBF tracking down the Imperial attacks in the Cadrel Expanse -- however, they were out saying refugees elsewhere
  • The second half of PBF Tour 5 takes place at the same time as the remainder of R2W Tour 8, RgF Tour 3, and IBG Tour 4. PBF forces continue investigating the Imperial piracy in the Cadrel Expanse. R2W forces are still out in the "Unknown Regions". RgF forces travel to the Meridian Cluster (New Republic space, I believe), and track down an Imperial undercover operation in the Dotani Sector (near the Binaural Sector). IBG forces are laid seige by a massive Imperial task force that attempts to wipe out New Trassk Base.
    • Which is funny, since PBF forces are tracking down rogue Imperial piracy (not main Imperial remnant) in the Cadrel Expanse, while the IBG are nearly wiped out at their base in the Cadrel Expanse by a major Imperial task force
  • PBF Tour 6 takes place at the same time as R2W Tour 9, RgF Tour 4, and IBG Tour 5. PBF forces are sent to a 'normally empty sector' while heading back to Greeop from the Cadrel Expanse (so the 'empty sector' must be rimward of that). R2W forces attempt to disrupt an Imperial supply line on the outskirts of the Osiris Sector. RgF forces travel beyond RS operating range (probably the furthest coreward that any RS campaign has been) to assist a New Republic task force in dealing with an Imperial battle fleet. IBG forces play hide and seek with an Imperial task force headed by an SSD in the Cadrel Expanse, which abruptly withdraw without a proper invasion (What The Fuck??)
  • Which brings us to now: PBF (and the folded in R2W) forces are investigating increased levels of piracy in the Minos Cluster, RgF forces are finishing off the Imperial battle fleet in New Republic space (or near to it), and IBG forces are dealing with a militant pirate group that is continually assaulting a colony in the Cadrel Expanse.