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Imperial I-class Star Destroyer.jpg
Production information
Class KDY Imperial I -class Star Destroyer
Technical specifications
Length 1,609 meters
Maximum speed (space) 60 mglt
Engine unit(s)

  • 3 Kuat Drive Yards Destroyer-1 Ion Engines (Main)
  • 4 Cygnus Spaceworks Gemon-4 Ion Engines (Secondary)
Hyperdrive rating

  • Class 2
  • Backup Class 8
Shielding 4800 SBD
Hull 2272 RU

  • 60 Taim & Bak XX-9 Heavy Turbolasers
  • 60 Borstel NK-7 Ion Cannons
  • 10 Phylon Q7 Tractor Beam Projectors
  • 6 Quad Heavy Turbolaser Batteries (ISD-I Deck Guns)
  • 2 Quad Heavy Ion Cannon Batteries (ISD-I Deck Guns)


  • Crew (37,085)
    • Officers (4,520)
    • Enlisted (32,565)
      • Gunners (275)
Minimum crew 5,000
Passengers 1,800
Cargo capacity 36,000 metric tons
Consumables 6 years
Other systems HoloNet Transceiver

  • Destroyer
  • Cruiser
  • Carrier
  • Battleship
Earliest sighting R2F 404
Present for battles/events

  • R2F 404
  • R2F 405
  • R2F 408
Affiliation Galactic Empire

The Imperial Star Destroyer Warstrike disguised as a pirate vessel. Head of an Imperial task force disguised as a group of pirates.


Led Imperial forces disguised as pirates in an assault on the repair dock DS-34, where the Modified Frigate Angelfire was undergoing repairs after an altercation with the vessel’s forces. The Star Destroyer Liberator led Republic Shield forces against the vessel’s attacking forces, allowing the repair dock time to evacuate, and the shuttle Tech to finish repairs on the Angelfire. The Star Destroyer Liberator then laid waste to the platform DS-34, in an effort to deny the vessel’s forces access to it. Republic Shield forces then executed a successful retreat from the combat zone, which the vessel and its forces were unable to prevent. (R2F404)

Later revealed to be a flagship of an Imperial warlord. Came to the defence of Imperial convoy near communications satellite Stat-Com-3, with the warlord onboard, after several transmissions through the communications satellite being transmitted to the Star Destroyer Liberator due to Republic Shield forces having tampered with the communications satellite prior to the convoy’s arrival. Republic Shield reconnaissance forces were in the process of scanning the contents of the convoy when the vessel arrived and led Imperial forces in driving the reconnaissance forces out of the area. (R2F405)

The vessel eventually began broadcasting its true name, during the remainder of its combat with Republic Shield forces. (R2F408)


Behind the Scenes

(Refer to Warstrike entry for more information)

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