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This list is for everything under the direct jurisdiction of the IO. For other sites (fleet, wing, squadron, executive, etc.), see their respective pages.

To do


  • Just need more news in general from everyone. DJB has tons of news all the time, it seems like. The FC is in the best position to require this from units. Need more news from the Fleets to flesh out the news section. HC NFs and IO NFs have begun that nicely.
  • Add active poll(s) to main page somewhere (will also require making polls active or inactive)


  • set up system whereby games can be linked to a wing, not just a fleet


  • break out of table form, go to something more like /., include news fleet and type
  • note "days" by "start x and go y"
  • change "Post Article" link text to "Post new article" and put link higher on page
  • add pagination, like ICTE's
  • remove date from "most recent" page, it should be self-evident


  • do something about this; for starters, add Year headers


  • clarify who officers are
  • organize available links better (e.g. "Units under your command")


  • Design script so that only one "year" medal is active at a time.
  • all the service medals have abbrs. of #sm, and the 10 year is just X use that for script


  • talk to Terrak about making these medal images transparent so that we can use any design with them
  • apparently RS-Wide has disappeared from "Fleets"; fix


  • add "Last logged in" portion somewhere in there. Might be good for cadets to see if they are active.

roster left nav bar

  • add menu below "back to main page" add "Logged in as", "logout/login" as in design #2, and menu up there somewhere so as not to clutter up the nav bars

roster right nav bar

  • do something about this (rm logo and news, make an actual box for sidebar info? still leaves lots of blank space; ah! maybe this is where we can put the table of contents for things. that would be cool. how about just forcing this to be design #2? although the "site sidebar" might be hard to fit in then. keep considering....)


  • allow support for custom nav bars once more, for use with /manual and other places


  • change edit/email admin links into icons (This really needed? Use discussion please)
  • offer plaintext format for easier copying (This really needed? Use discussion please)
  • don't display inactive squadrons, even for admins - add "display" tag to database
  • Add menu,email and a couple other highy used links to the nav bar


  • This was removed from service for the reorg
  • clean this list up; there are sort of a ridiculous number of positions available
  • don't offer lower positions than available, e.g. don't offer XO when CO is available
  • put IO positions in a separate listing


  • don't display for people not logged in
  • provide more specific error messages
  • don't provide "Directly award" button unless the person actually can directly award something (or maybe this is related to someone not being logged in)


  • Design a Queue system so CO's just hit "approve" or something and it gets added to the killboard
  • Find a way to customize a new TOD for special events (IE BF1 calculations)
  • Maybe a template system that Fleet/wing/squad CO's can choose from.
  • allow fleet/wing/squad killboards


  • Set it up so one can get a list of which missions a squad won. (Eg. Gold Squadron: 108,110, etc etc)


  • Link to person's profile (this may go for other pages like this too)


  • add new topics as necessary (include everything appropriate from the IO FAQ)


  • need new logo (ask TJ?)


  • fix it, or re-write it. unable to edit, the file is missing. New OOB written, waiting for LO to give the word to impliment it.



  • Personalized main page This feature would be nice, but there are far more important things like Beginner's Path to work on first.
    • Ability to choose which recent lists one wants to appear, their settings, and what order they appear.
    • On the customize page, there should be the following form fields for each type of list:
      • show/hide item (checkbox)
      • limit by days or items (radio)
      • days/# items (input)
      • display order (input)
    • Lists to be added to the current ones:
      • Recently viewed pages, as described above
      • Recent gallery submissions
      • Recent quotes
      • Recently updated profiles
      • Recent roster changes
      • Recent wiki changes

Don't do


  • "Recently viewed pages" function should be created and work. That'll require adding the functionality to our site, however, which will entail making sure every single private page is not counted in the page counter. This isn't really important enough to make main page.



  • It would likely be nice to add dates to the promotions.
  • Perhaps the profile views could have (xx in last 24 hours) after them. this has been moved, and they do display that now at /statistics.
  • We should have some text at the bottom of the page, such as a copyright, disclaimer, "where do I go for help?", design credits or "about the site" link, and other things that would fit well there.
  • For logged in people, on the "recent forum posts", only show posts from forums that the person subscribes to. This will involve making that particular script more complicated. Check first if the person is logged in and has unsubscribed from any forums; if either is false, then proceed with normal script. this script runs differently now, so this customization is not possible.
  • Add "newest member" and "newest recruit" somewhere - if it's the same person, indicate that. Recruit is someone who does not have a profile yet, member is someone with one.
  • Update welcome message.
  • Add Battlefront to the top of "games played" for people not logged in. This means we need to get a server! And have our Battlefront command staff provide a way to play Battlefront regularly.
  • Add recent medals. Since there can be many of these, the following format is recommended:
    • Select 5 medals at random that were awarded in the last two weeks.
    • Sort these by date awarded for clarification.
    • List them, then below provide a link to the full list of recently awarded medals (e.g. "All recent medals")
    • Create a page for all recently awarded medals.
  • For birthdays, make people with a status other than "Reserve" have bold names, to denote their active status. Limit reserves to CPT and above.
  • For anniversaries, only include active members.


  • what's with these background colors? get rid of them
  • ERC seems to have died while we weren't looking, the only website that turns up for them in google is, followed closely by our own site mentioning them. remove them
  • check membership of all clubs
  • while we're at it, check ambassador
  • add abbrevs. after all the club names
  • remove the "sidebar" - if we need a list like that, incorporate it into the main text; or, actually, the part that's bad is the same-page links, so perhaps just remove that


  • make this page entirely dynamic That sucked, but it's done.


  • add table of contents, floated to the right
 No need for TOC since roster page changed


  • add option to edit fleet blurb on fleet's roster page ~Josh kinda broke, Licah kinda fixed


  • update :-P


  • move Rebel Squadrons Merits link to the top


  • actually keep the information about useful skills
  • add section for current members and rejoining


  • change "referrer" stuff to "skills"
  • change order of table columns
  • add dates for non-verified members


  • figure out why 304 + 21 = 324 cadets who have joined in the last two weeks but are not on any roster - bad, should not have any of these! (well, maybe 1 or 2)
  • add something like "Members who are ONLY in x fleet" (this will require another column in the fleet table, and calculate this along with uniques)
  • fix status processor - LOA people who are no longer in any fleet are marked as reserve; AWOL people not in that fleet anymore have their status reset to active or reserve (tons of AWOLs and LOAs cleared!)


  • page completely rewritten; now need to re-add searching by character gender and status, and sort by age and status
  • more powerful sorting function
  • get rid of checkboxes
  • make default searches include everyone


  • make this page entirely dynamic done, except for FC/XO/IO, but these change infrequently enough to be updated by hand

/profiles/ system

  • Add rank below name for all of these related pages, e.g. "Licah Fox" in h1 then "General" in h3 or h4, spaced right below


  • combine with /help and change link on main site nav to /help


  • add blurb field
  • change to main site design


  • add topics from /roster/help
  • update all topics
  • change to html, not php, stored in the database
  • use actual list instead of fake list (dashes)


  • fix (!)


  • build nav bar (There is one already there, it just doesn't work in IE cause IE sucks)
  • 13/Credits: not kept up to date by Rekstar anymore
  • 12/Abbreviations: make the abbrevs. bold
  • 12/Abbreviations: CD also for commando division; ABG not AW; R2F also for R2W; CoJ; PO; CoS; T(C)O and TXO; EaW, JA, FC; FES; B&G
  • 11/Formalities: no need to include email address in sig;
  • 10/Fiction: add "Where is the RS in time right now?"
  • 9/Ranks: remove HC thing (only ever happens w/FC); update 2nd par.; remove very last sentence of page
  • 8/Medals: 1st par, explain who Rahj is ("a former FC"); not sure if XO awards club medals anymore (think it's FC now); last par, use different example (Spokes?); update Medals FAQ link
  • 7/Exec Staff: these probably all need updating; the actual pages themselves, too
  • 6/Command Staff: no CoS right now; XO not doing medals or ambassador
  • 5/Structure: This good but way dense. Need to spruce up content a little bit.
  • 4/Bylaws: 2nd par.: tighten, rm last sentence; add concluding paragraph about the rest of the Bylaws
  • 3/Fleets: RgF/IBG Merged; ABG is Fleet; use roster nav bar order
  • 2/About: hm, clean up, esp. opening par.
  • 1/Introduction: list topics covered in the manual so that the user knows what they're getting