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Admiral, Former Crusader Fleet CO, Former RSXO.

WegAntiles was a pivotal member of the RS during its initial recovery, when Super was rebuilding the club in early 1996. Super himself has stated, "Weg was vital." Known affectionately as Weg, he was one of the first RS members who used a Mac. He helped form the original Stealth Squadron together with its first Commander, BobaFett1a. After BobaFett1a's resignation, Weg took command. He lead Stealth Squadron, expanding it to become Stealth Wing, and finally into Crusader Fleet. He served as the first Crusader Fleet CO, approximately between June of 1996 and December of 1997. His importance was not limited to one fleet, however. He served as RSXO under FC Mike "MacMan" McEwen between June 1997 and January 1998 and had possibly begun to serve as RSXO even earlier, under FC Dialathos. After this he retired from active duty and is currently on reserve status.

Weg had great influence on the officers of the young Crusader Fleet during his time in the RS. His XO in Crusader, Shades1984, later became CO of that fleet. Weg also is responsible for drawing Dave Trebonious-Astoris into the RS, serving as his first mentor, and giving him his first command in Delta Squadron. WegAntiles was a crucial member of the RS at a fascinating moment in its history.