Wes Belden

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Wes "Gizmo" Belden
Biographical information
Homeworld Bakura
Date of birth 21:9:34 (22 years old at 44GrS, 26 years old at 48GrS)
Family All deceased: Parents, David and Alyn Belden; Brother, Tor Belden; Uncle twice removed, Orn Belden.
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 1.88 metres (6'2")
Weight 76 kilograms (168lb)
Hair color Dark blonde
Eye colorBlue
Distinguishing features Strong jaw, high forhead
Chronological and political information
Era(s) RS/Zealot (44GrS), ABG (48GrS)
Ranks General
Titles Alcoholic (44GrS), Goody two shoes (48GrS)

Commodore Wes Belden, Lancer 6, has served in the RS for a long time.


Early Life

Belden grew up with his elder brother, Tor on the humid and decidedly remote planet of Barkua. His childhood was uneventful, as his parents were staunch supporters of the Empire and the security it brought them and the rest of the happy galaxy. During his early teens Belden developed an unspoken dislike of the Empire, something which caused tensions between the rest of his family.

At the age of 14, his parents separated and as a result Belden ran away from home, fleeing not just his mother, but his home planet.

The right crowd

Wes made his way across the galaxy for several months by stowing away on freighters and mixing with various people of ill repute, most notably Smugglers. He managed to secure work on a Smuggler freighter, the Rising Moon in exchange for eventual transport to Corellia.

Rebel with a cause

Combining his teen angst against his parents with his ever growing dislike of the Empire, Wes threw in with a group of revolutionaries upon his arrival on Correlia, helping establish a Rebel Cell, together gaining a foothold in Imperial territories while going largely unnoticed. Initially based on Corellia on a secluded island off of Coronet, the group moved to Dantooine before finally settling on the Naboo moon of Rori where a small township was formed by the name of New Horizon.

Sometime before the transfer to Dantooine, Belden was stranded on an uninhabited planet by a group of Smugglers whom he'd bought safe passage off of and had decided to strand him after discovering his Rebel connections mid voyage. It is unknown exactly how he found his way back to civilization, but not long after he himself began engaging in Smuggling activities, for the most part supply runs for the Rebellion.

Smuggling Community

While not widely known for his skills as a Smuggler, Belden moved in high circles within the Smuggling community, becoming well known for his organisational skills and activities. He would organise debate and discussions within the community, while liaising with Alliance command in order to get the best deal for both parties.

Flight School

Wes was trained as an Xwing pilot while in Vanguard, roughly a year after he helped establish it. Despite being qualified to do so, he was not involved in many of the conflicts back then, partially to do with his age, but also due to his Smuggling activities.

The return home

After years of service to the Rebel Alliance, Belden returned home to find his parents reunited and his brother a pilot in the local defence force. His parents had been glad to see him, his brother furious with him. The situation soon reversed itself, his mother and father remembering their anger at his leaving, his brother, Tor, finally accepting him. A rift remained between all of them; he’d never spoken of his time away. To do so would have been insane given his family’s love of the Empire and his brother’s place in Bakura’s fighter corp. Wes never knew how much that didn’t matter to him, how much he cared for them, until he lost them.

Security had increased since Belden had last been on his home planet, and despite his experience, he found it difficult to leave. This was partially an excuse to not return to the Rebel Alliance, due to being reunited with his family after spending so long apart. His internal conflict was to soon be resolved however, as events took matters out of his hands.

Bakura ablaze

The Ssi Ruuk attacked Bakura. Tor, Belden's brother, was taken hostage and used to power their soul driven star fighters, while his parents were killed in the first attack. At the age of 17, distraught, devastated, with no-one to turn to as a war yet again raged around him, Wes withdrew into himself.

Service Record

  • Co-founder of the Rebel Alliance Cell, code named Vanguard
  • AWOL for five months after being stranded on an uninhabited system without ship or holonet access
  • Returned to active duty, no further action taken against him other than loss of command and rank
  • Joined the cell's starfighter units to train, becoming certified in an Xwing class fighter
  • Took part in numerous smuggling operations, eventually becoming one of the unofficial leaders of the wider Smuggling community
  • Took LOA five months prior to the Battle of Endor, leave to see family, Bakura
  • Reported as AWOL four months prior to the Battle of Endor, believed MiA attempting to return from Bakura
  • Joined Rebel Squadrons starfighter Corps, withholding information on former rank and service record with the Alliance
  • Graduated the academy with full honours, certified for use in all fighter craft; prefered role, space superiority Xwing pilot
  • Assigned to Blue Squadron
  • Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant
  • Received squadron's unofficial medal of honour after numerous forays and kill tallies
  • Re-assigned to Jedi Squadron during its formation
  • Promoted to the rank of Captain
  • Assigned as Jedi XO
  • Flew in the last days of the Minos Conflict, losing his craft in a heated dogfight
  • Assigned as Jedi CO
  • Promoted to the rank of Major
  • Lead Jedi Squadron through the Outerrim conflict
  • Awarded numerous combat citations and medals, including the fleet level citation from the at the time's Rebel Squadrons fleet commander for actions during the Outerrim conflict.
  • Jedi received numerous unit citations for repeated successes and victories
  • Assigned to Kalidor Squadron, Rebel Squadrons' elite fighter squadron
  • Kalidor disbanded, Assigned to lead the Renegade Fleet's academy as chief instructor and academy CO
  • Academy merged and downsized, assigned back to Jedi Squadron
  • Jedi Squadron disbanded after taking terrible losses, assigned to Ragnarok Squadron
  • Flew briefly in the second Outerrim conflict, taking one kill, lots of alcohol and a long stint in the brig
  • Assigned as Ragnarok's SO
  • Assigned to Zealot
  • Discovered to be Force sensitive, re-assigned to Allegiance Battle Group for training
  • Current Rank: General -=- Current Jedi training status: Jedi Knight

Behind the scenes

"Giz is a good guy. His sleep schedule is odd. Seek him out on IRC." Licah wrote this not long before dissapearing; we wait for his return still, in the hope that he may bring clown shoes and music back to our lives.

Current membership

Past membership

Other Units:

Former Positions held

  • Vanguard Fleet SO
  • Righteous Indignation Division XO
  • RgF > Academy CO (pre-Academy decomission)
  • RgF > TacOps CO (Head mission maker)
  • RgF > co-ordinator/mission creator of RgF Lanvarok mission TODs
  • ABG > Special Forces Wing CO
  • RgF > Defense Operations Wing XO (now decomissioned)
  • RgF > Defense Operations Wing SO (now decomissioned)
  • PBF > Academy lead instructor
  • RgF > Jedi Squadron CO (now decomissioned)
  • ABG > Rapier Squadron CO
  • ABG > Lancer Squadron CO
  • RS > Kalidor Squadron XO (now decomissioned: Rebel Squadrons' elite multi-player pilot squadron)
  • IBG > Stinger Squadron pilot (now decomissioned)


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