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Basically whatever's useful from .

Actually, that can probably be the reference manual, and we can just build the test from there.

Exam contents

The exam should ask the person to make a wiki page from scratch, with the following things:

  • headings: ==, ===
  • text: '', ''', '''''
  • signing: ~~~, ~~~~
  • lists: *, **, #, ##
  • indentation: :, ::
  • links: [[link]], [[link|linktext]], http://link, [http://link linktext] * redirects: <nowiki>#REDIRECT [[link]]
  • categories: [[Category:name]], [[:Category:name]]
  • formatting: <pre>text to format</pre>
  • images: [[Image:name.ext|thumb|left|caption]], Upload file

It should also cover a few other items of note:

  • creating new pages (especially with the "Go" button not allowing you to)
  • talk page format
  • edit summaries
  • when to mark an edit as "minor"



  • Remember to provide good edit summaries, and mark minor edits when appropriate.
  • Follow common style guidelines.


  1. Go to the Rebel Squadrons wiki and create a new page called Wiki Exam - PIN, substituting your own PIN for the word "PIN".
  2. Your topic will be the X-Wing starfighter (note: randomize this between various fighters: XW YW AW BW T/F T/I T/B; use an algorithm that always gives the same fighter for a given PIN, so people don't refresh until they get a fighter they like). Using your own knowledge or a reference, write a brief explanation of the fighter in 4-6 sentences (more if you like). This should include at least two links to other RS wiki pages, including a unit that might use the fighter.
  3. Using <pre>, add a listing of four or five specifications of the ship (e.g. engines, weapons, etc.)
  4. Create a "Links" section and make a list of two or three links that have information on your fighter. Include a brief explanation of the usefulness of each link.
  5. Find and upload an image of the fighter and place a thumbnail of it at the top right of the page. Include a caption of your choosing.
  6. Now pretend that you are a random user seeing this page for the first time and have a question about it (e.g. "Sentence x in your opening paragraph is incorrect!"). Post the question in an inappropriate place and don't sign it.
  7. Back as yourself again, move the question to an appropriate place, attribute it, and respond in an appropriate manner and format.
  8. Revise the paragraph(s) you've written for greater clarity, or add another sentence or two.
  9. Create a shortcut to your page by making a redirect to it from WEX PIN (again, substitute your own PIN).
  10. Give your page a category, and you're done!

Check over all your work, confirm HIER below, and submit your course when you're ready!

[ ] I have followed HIER in taking this course.

[Submit exam]