Wildcard Squadron

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Wildcard Squadron
General Information
Founder(s) WegAntilles
Leader BGN Hermus Dogan
Notable members
Historical Information
Founding 1995
Restoration 2014
Other Information
Assigned to Republic Shield

Wildcard Roster
Cortosis Flight
CO: BGN Hermus Dogan
2:  BGN Mathow Bizegar
3:  MAJ Etain Valen Gaas
4:  None
Phrik Flight
XO: BGN jcmcgoo
6:  RA  Lamin Zykara (Reserve)
7:  CMDR Darth Gumbo
8:  None
Beskar Flight
9:  None
10: FA Licah Fox
11: GEN Garrik "Face" Loran
12: None
Training Flight
13: CDT Dashnaldo Sunbiter
14: CDT mOrfiUs
15: None
16: None


Restored in late 2014, combining Fireclaw and Gold Squadrons.


A squadron originally a part of Crusader Fleet and was home to Macintosh players of X-Wing. When Crusader became a wing in the PBF, Wildcard moved into the PBF as well, but later moved to the IBG. Known for their pranks.

Wildcard History - written by Sigurd Pillar and Garrik "Face" Loran.

PBF Era and Earlier

Commanding Officers

James "Nightwolf" Davidson Unknown
Garrik "Face" Loran        Unknown
Randy Starkiller           November 2000 - Unknown
Garrik "Face" Loran        Unknown    - November 2000
Kerian Halycon             Unknown
Snappleguy                 Unknown
WegAntilles                1995 - Unknown

20 October 2004:

CO: LCL James "Nightwolf" Davidson
2: 2LT Vason Senmic
3: CMDR Cole Landfarer
4: 1LT Raistlin Majere
XO: LCL Phil DarkFire
7: RA Adam Fene
8: 2LT Sau Landor
SO: BGN Zeke Freeman
11: CPT Max Tallon