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Wing websites: these are things that each wing can improve on their website. Some of them are important, and some not so much; but there is something to do on each site, for that wing's Internet Officer, or whoever maintains the website.

This list was originally made by Licah, but you are free to add your own things, as well as cross off things that are completed or no longer necessary. If you have any questions about a particular item, ask the person who suggested it (probably Licah).

Of prime importance in most of these things is good English; websites are the main place where we want to make sure things are clear and easy to understand, and intelligent :-P

Patriot Battle Fleet

Retribution Wing

  • Finish the transition - archive all the old R2F site stuff, like ITOD, Shipyard, old missions.
  • Update the history page
  • Moved active squads out of R2W and into the main PBF section Done

Hope Wing

  • Uh.. need a little news here, guys. Latest news: September 2003.
  • Remove references to Phoenix as an active squadron; add Blue.
  • The missions page is a little sad.. I'm sure squadrons have more missions. Link to the squadrons' mission pages, and see if you can find any more old Hope Wing missions. You probably have some results stored from Hope 1.01 on the hope-wing egroup, or in someone's old inbox, or something - get that on here.
  • Raistlin isn't the SO anymore- update that.
  • Add history of Hope Wing.

Crusader Wing

  • This needs a little obvious work, do you need me to say exactly what? Also, the EaW link is now $46, plus that's not really the PBF...
  • Make the roster dynamic; I (or Josh) can help with this. It's good to have the latest roster on the page.
  • Add Crusader Wing history. You can write about all kinds of things, like who was CO and when, squadrons that have joined and left, when Crusader was Top Wing (although that might be messed up in historical killboards now..), anything you can find from egroup archives.

Renegade Fleet

Scorpion Wing

  • Hasn't been updated in a long time - one of the dangers of "last updated" text is you can see how long ago it was last touched, which is a long time, sometimes :-P
  • Last NL is RgF 312
  • Craft data cool, but you can probably move it near the bottom of the nav
  • on ITOD reporting page, you should state that there are no active missions, so, there's nothing to report
  • Add history of Scorpion Wing.

Guardian Wing

  • Make a "history" page and move "past command staff" to it.
  • Guardian NLs date from Rich's time, 2003. Move to "history" section, and start posting current ones, if those exist.
  • "Wing Roster" can probably be shortened to "Roster"
  • HoloNet: update
  • Remove the extraneous squadrons on the left
  • Add various history of Guardian to the new "history" page.

Intrepid Battle Group

Chiin'tal Wing

  • Main page: CS needs updating. Well, I guess a good, thorough update would help - Last updated July 2, 2004, eh?
  • yeah, we'll work with this after someone gives it some attention after these two long years.

Titan Wing

  • Again, CS is old.
  • This site is almost entirely broken, or contentless. Someone will need to go over it completely. It probably won't take great knowledge of PHP or anything, just knowing HTML. I(Licah) am available for help if need be.

Aurora Force

Eclipse Wing

  • No website? Mrgh?

Backlash Wing

  • No website either? Looks like someone broke the link to these. I know they exist - looking through the AF ftp folders, I see the files in /members/squads/, so it would be pretty cool if someone could restore these to their proper status. Actually, I found this, which sort of works, although some of the images and links are broken or don't really have anything - this could all be spruced up. Anyway, not sure what the deal is here, maybe you could make that clearer. Have AF CS update the links on the AF roster, if the location of the wings' and squadrons' pages has changed.

Redemption Fleet

Righteous Indignation Division

  • Kind of strange to have the welcome -below- everything else. I'm also not really all about an iframe for news - maybe you could put welcome above, and then list all the news below, it would make the page nice and long (which is fun for a main page).
  • Everything else looks fine, although I kind of prefer not to have target="_blank", but that's just me. Anyways, I bet you can find more material to put on here - like EaW strategy. Make a link to the wiki's section on Empire at War, so that members have easy access from the site. Finally, make a little page about the RID itself, like why it's called RID (better ask Cody :-P), the history of the unit, and its purpose.

Allegiance Battle Group

  • Heh, um, just let me(Licah) know if you guys are having any issues with the site. You definitely use your site more than any other unit, so I feel comfortable letting you guys come to me with any problems, instead of trying to find them myself.
  • The CS on the main page should be updated, and I'll maybe do something with the "Recent News", and make a new "last updatad" date. It might be cool to have one of you guys actually post ABG news, but that's up to you.
  • I would really like to see a History section though, since you guys have a rich history. Someone (or multiple someones) should take the time to write up something cool, maybe a piece at a time. A list of past COs, Fleet statuses, where all you guys have had sims (that is, where IC), etc.
  • Yeah, let me know if you need anything else. See if you can work on that history section :P

Commando Division

  • Looks like the CS needs updating.
  • Having some news and history would be cool. That's your main project right now - for news, you can just link to the main RS site, but you should write up all the history that you can. People like that stuff.
  • I hear that you're getting a new site design from TJ, what's the status of that? These colors are a little irritating, so that might be nice.

Strategic and Tactical Command

  • I don't know if you guys even exist still, so I'll spare the website perusal. "The STC is currently commanded by None" - Heh.