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Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance (XWA) was released in February 1999 and is the most recent installment in the venerable X-Wing series. Rebel Squadrons pilots have flown XWA since its release and built numerous campaigns and individual missions for use in Interactive Tours of Duty (ITODs) and the enjoyment of all.

XWA allows players to take control of the "fastest ship in the galaxy" -- the Millennium Falcon -- as well as A-wings, B-wings, X-wings, Y-wings and many other craft. Embark on cargo missions, defend a trading family's assets, escort important ships, engage hostile fleets, and even join the massive assault on the fully operational second Death Star in the epic Battle of Endor. Fifty-three story-driven single player missions and flexible new multiplayer options allow players a variety of opportunities both on- and offline. Fly into the interior of complex objects including starships, asteroids, space stations, and the core of the Death Star for the first time in a Star Wars space combat game.


As the Rebel insurgency spreads,
become embroiled in open civil war.
To avenge the Emperor's defeat
at Yavin, Darth Vader has struck
back at the Rebel base on Hoth.

Caught in the crossfire is the family
of Tomaas and Antan Azzameen,
owners of a successful shipping
operation. Despite the schemes of
corrupt Imperial officials and a bitter
feud with their archrivals the Viraxo,
they have survived.

Sympathetic to the Rebellion, but
fearful of the Emperor's far-reaching
power, they will soon be forced to
take sides in the greater conflict
around them...

An X-Wing pilot destroys a TIE Fighter.

Included with the game were:

  • 27 flyable craft, including
    • Rebel Craft
      • T-65C A2 X-wing (X-W)
      • BTL-A4 Y-wing (Y-W)
      • RZ-1 A-wing (A-W)
      • Z-95 Headhunter (Z-95)
      • B-wing (B-W)
    • Imperial Craft
      • TIE Fighter (T/F)
      • TIE Interceptor (T/I)
      • TIE Bomber (T/B)
      • TIE Advanced (T/A)
      • TIE Defender (T/D)
      • Assault Gunboat (GUN)
      • Missile Boat (MIS)
    • Other Craft
      • T-Wing Interceptor
      • R-41 Starchaser
      • Authority IRD
      • Toscan 8-Q Fighter
      • Cloakshape Fighter
      • Razor Fighter
      • Planetary Fighter
      • Preybird Fighter
      • Supa Fighter
      • Pinook Fighter
      • GAT-12 Skipray Blastboat
      • Firespray Attack Ship
      • Pursuer-class Enforcement Ship
      • YT-1300 (CORT)
      • Modified YT-1300 (Millennium Falcon)
      • YT-2000
  • Several other fighters, freighters, and capital ships (complete list below)
  • Numerous missions and simulations, including
    • A 53-mission single player campaign culminating in the Battle of Endor. Secondary plot focuses on the rivalries between competing family businesses during this time of great upheaval.
    • Multiplayer racing scenarios
    • Various pilot proving grounds
    • Customizable skirmish missions with 23 templates, playable in single or multiplayer modes.
  • Up to four regions of space can exist in each mission, allowing you to move between areas to respond to new threats. Events occur in real time in all regions simultaneously.
  • Fully 3D-rendered cockpits allow for 360-degree views. You can finally see what it looks like to turn your head to track a quick moving TIE Fighter.
  • Rich soundtrack fills out the experience, including extensive new recorded dialog, dynamic audio that interacts with game events, the original Star Wars music and authentic sound effects.

Featured Craft

An Otana gunner shreds a TIE.

Below are all the different ships, stations, and other objects seen in X-Wing Alliance.

Flyable Craft

  • RZ-1 A-wing Interceptor
  • B-Wing
  • T-65B X-Wing
  • BTL-A4 Y-Wing
  • TIE/ad Starfighter (TIE Avenger)
  • TIE/sa Bomber (TIE Bomber)
  • TIE/ln Starfighter (TIE Fighter)
  • TIE/In Interceptor (TIE Interceptor)
  • TIE/D Defender (TIE Defender)
  • Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing (Assault Gunboat)
  • Missile Boat
  • T-Wing Interceptor
  • Z-95 Headhunter
  • R-41 Starchaser
  • Authority IRD
  • Toscan 8-Q Fighter
  • Cloakshape Fighter
  • Razor Fighter
  • Planetary Fighter
  • Preybird Fighter
  • Supa Fighter
  • Pinook Fighter
  • GAT-12 Skipray Blastboat
  • Firespray Attack Ship
  • Pursuer-class Enforcement Ship
  • YT-1300 (CORT)
  • Modified YT-1300 (Millennium Falcon)
  • YT-2000

Other Fighters

  • TIE Experimental M1
  • TIE Experimental M2
  • TIE Experimental M3
  • TIE Experimental M4
  • TIE Experimental M5


  • IPV-1 System Patrol Craft (SPC)
  • CR90 Corellian Corvette
  • Assassin-class Corvette (Modified Corvette)
  • DP-20 Gunship (Corellian Gunship)
  • EF76-B Nebulon-class Escort Frigate (Nebulon-B Frigate)
  • EF76-B2 Nebulon-class Escort Frigate (Nebulon-B2 Frigate/Modified Frigate)
  • Carrack-class Light Cruiser (Carrack Cruiser)
  • Strike-class Medium Cruiser (Strike Cruiser)
  • Escort Carrier
  • Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser (Dreadnaught)
  • Lancer-class frigate (Lancer Frigate)
  • Neutron Star-class Bulk Cruiser (Bulk Cruiser)
  • Assault-class Frigate (Assault Frigate)
  • Marauder-class Corvette (Marauder Corvette)
  • MC80a Star Cruiser
  • MC40a Light Star Cruiser
  • Immobilizer 418-class heavy cruiser (Interdictor Cruiser)
  • Victory I-class Star Destroyer (VSD I)
  • Victory II-class Star Destroyer (VSD II)
  • Imperial I-class Star Destroyer (ISD I)
  • Imperial II-class Star Destroyer (ISD II)
  • Executor-class Star Dreadnaught (Super Star Destroyer)

Other Objects

  • Communications Satellite (3 types)
  • Mine Type A (Laser)
  • Mine Type B (Ion)
  • Mine Type C (Laser/Missile)
  • Sensor Array
  • Comm Relay
  • Probe
  • Probe Capsule
  • Buoy (2 types)
  • Hyper buoy
  • Rendezvous buoy
  • Asteroid Laser Battery
  • Asteroid Warhead Launcher
  • Gun Platform
  • Large Gun Emplacement
  • Large Gun/Warhead Emplacement
  • Laser Battery
  • Ion Battery
  • Homing Mine
  • Proximity Mine (2 types)

Transports & Other Craft

  • Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle (Shuttle)
  • Delta-class JV-7 Escort Shuttle
  • Gamma-class assault shuttle
  • Delta-class DX-9 Stormtrooper Transport (Transport)
  • Gamma-class ATR-6 Assault Transport
  • Beta-class ETR-3 Escort Transport
  • Long Range Scout Craft
  • Sentinel-class landing craft
  • C-3 Passenger Liner
  • Utility Tug
  • Combat Utility Vehicle
  • Heavy Lifter
  • BFF-1 Bulk Freighter
  • Cargo Ferry
  • Modular Conveyor
  • Container Transport
  • GR-75 Medium Transport
  • Muurian Transport
  • YT-2400
  • Mole Miner
  • Star Galleon
  • RX-200 Ferryboat Liner (Ferryboat Liner)
  • Modified Action Transport
  • Mobquet Transport
  • Suprosa
  • Imperial Research Ship
  • SoroSuub Personal Luxury Yacht 3000 (Luxury Yacht 3000)
  • Freight Transport/C
  • Freight Transport/H
  • Freight Transport/K
  • Cargo Freighter
  • Cargo Tanker


  • Class-A Container
  • Class-B Container
  • Class-C Container
  • Class-D Container
  • Class-E Container
  • Class-F Container
  • Class-G Container
  • Class-H Container
  • Class-I Container
  • Class-J Container
  • Class-K Container
  • Class-L Container
  • Cargo Canister
  • Pressure Tank
  • CN/Hangar


  • XQ1 Platform
  • XQ2 Platform
  • XQ3 Platform
  • XQ4 Platform
  • XQ5 Platform
  • XQ6 Platform
  • Golan I Space Defense SpaceGun
  • Golan II Space Defense SpaceGun
  • Golan III Space Defense NovaGun
  • Family Base
  • Family Repair Yard
  • Pirate Shipyard
  • Industrial Complex
  • Rebel Platform
  • Factory
  • Asteroid Hangar
  • Imperial Research Center
  • Casino
  • Telgorn Repair Yard
  • Telgorn Shipyard
  • Space Colony (3 types)
  • Cargo Facility (2 types)
  • Derilyn Platform
  • Processing Plant
  • Asteroid Mining Unit

Campaign Missions

The Sabra and Selu collect cargo containers.

The X-Wing Alliance campaign is played from the perspective of Ace Azzameen, the youngest member of the Azzameen trading family. The Azzameens have attempted to remain neutral in the war between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance, but harbor sympathies for the Rebellion. Instead they must deal with the Viraxo, a rival trading company looking to put the Azzameens out of business.

Prologue: Family Business

  • Aeron's Lesson: Transport Operations
Ace and his sister Aeron must deliver two cargo canisters to Harlequin Station and bring back fuel cells and coolant.
  • Emon's Lesson: Weapons
Ace hops into the gun turret of the YT-1300 transport Sabra for some target practice.
  • Aeron's Error: Data Recovery
Aeron's blunder with the family's cargo storage records leads to Ace's recruitment in the scramble to rebuild the lost data.
  • Sticking it to the Viraxos: Covert Delivery
A plot is hatched to drop some contraband in a Viraxo facility for the Empire to find.
  • Black Market Bacta: Cargo Transfer
A rendezvous with smugglers to acquire a supply of bacta is arranged by Tomaas Azzameen, Ace's father.
  • Rebel Rendezvous: Aid to the Alliance
The bacta must be delivered to the Rebellion in the Azzameen transport Vasudra, with Ace and Emon providing escort.
  • Nowhere To Go?: Escape Imperial Attack
The remaining Azzameens must collect certain assets from their property and evacuate before an impending Imperial attack reaches them.

Joining the Rebellion

  • Deep Space Strike Evaluation
Ace must prove himself in the Level One Starfighter Qualification Test. The first part evaluates him on deep space strikes with a Y-Wing.
  • Starfighter Superiority Evaluation
The second part of the Level One Starfighter Qualification Test puts Ace in an X-Wing for deep space starfighter superiority evaluation.

Battle 1: Clearing the Way

A skirmish between Rebels and mercenaries.
  • Convoy Attack
An Imperial supply convoy is selected for destruction by the Rebel Alliance.
  • Rescue Uncle Antan
The Viraxo are holding Uncle Antan, and Emon wants Ace's help in freeing him.
  • Reconnaissance of Imperial Task Force
Alliance Command suspects the Empire is deploying probe droids to find Rebel bases. A-Wings are sent to reconnoiter an Imperial search force.
  • Rescue Echo Base Prisoners
Word has come through that an Imperial Dreadnaught is transporting prisoners captured at Echo Base to a penal station.
  • Recover Imperial Probe
Aeron discovered a plan by a group of scavengers to recover a damaged Imperial probe droid from the Saila Na system and wants Ace to get there first.
  • Stop Resupply of ISD Corrupter
Rebel starfighters must intercept transports ferrying hyperdrive parts and technicians between the Nebulon-B Frigate Monitor and the ISD II Corruptor.
  • Destroy Imperial Sensor Net
In order for the fleet to make an undetected escape into hyperspace, Rebel starfighters must destroy Sensor Array Station IOS 24.

Battle 2: Secret Weapons of the Empire

  • Flight Staff Transfer
Ace's squadron and its flight staff are moving to the CRS Liberty to aid in the investigation of unusual activity in the Vilonis Sector.
  • Ensnare Imperial Prototypes
Mock convoys are dispatched in an attempt to capture some of the new TIE craft active in the area.
  • Kill K'Armyn Viraxo
Uncle Antan wants Ace to assist Emon in destroying K'Armyn Viraxo's pleasure yacht for the honor of the Azzameen family.
  • Raid Production Facility
ATR Storm Unit must board a production facility responsible for the new TIEs, retrieve all data, and destroy the computer core.
  • Defend CRS Liberty
CRS Liberty must be protected from numerous experimental TIEs as it attempts to escape.
  • Destroy Imperial Research Facility
The main research facility responsible for the experimental TIE project has been discovered. The opportunity to end the project has arrived.

Battle 3: Over the Fence

A TIE Interceptor emerges from SSD Executor's hangar.
  • Liberate Slave Convoy
An intercepted signal using an old Alliance code leads to a patrol being sent deep into Imperial space to investigate.
  • Supply Rebels with Warheads
The Azzameens plot to hijack a shipment of warheads from the Viraxo.
  • Recon Imperial Research Facility
Another signal leads to a lightly defended Imperial base in the Kuat System.
  • Investigate Imperial Communications Array
High Command sets its sights on an Imperial Communications Center for more information about the mysterious signals.
  • Plant Listening Device
The Imperial Communications Center receives another visit, this time from the Azzameens.
  • Rendezvous with Defector
An Imperial officer claims responsibility for the signals and wishes to defect to the Alliance.
  • Scramble!
Commander Kupalo reveals himself to be a traitor and flees in a captured Imperial shuttle.

Battle 4: The Bothan Connection

  • Shipment to Mining Colony
The Azzameens look to raid a Viraxo storehouse to resupply a Rebel outpost.
  • Reconnaissance of Imperial Convoy
Commander Zaletta, Imperial defector, supplies information on a large Imperial convoy.
  • Mining Colony Under Siege: Rescue Aeron
Ace and Emkay embark on a mission to rescue Aeron from an Imperial attack.
  • Capture the Freighter Suprosa
A freighter on its way to Bothawui is rumored to carry information on a new military construction project for the Empire.
  • Abandon Rebel Base at Kothlis
SSD Executor leads an attack on the Rebel base at Kothlis to recover a stolen computer.
  • Protect Imperial Computer
Corvette Razor has been disabled by Gunboats; it must be recovered before Imperial reinforcements can secure it.

Battle 5: Mustering the Fleet

The Alliance fleet approaches the second Death Star.
  • Protect Alliance-Smuggler Meeting
With a new Death Star in existence and their main supply base destroyed, the Rebellion must find a new source.
  • Attack Imperial Convoy
In return for the supplies being delivered, the Alliance must honor the mutual assistance deal made with Dunari's group.
  • Break Emon Out of Brig
Emon's whereabouts have been uncovered and Dunari has a plan to rescue him from the Empire.
  • Protect Smuggler Retreat
Rebel fighters rush to cover the evacuation of Dunari's base during an Imperial attack.
  • Rescue Smugglers
Two of Dunari's board members have escaped from a Hurrim base and need to be saved before they're recaptured.
  • Recover Family Data Core
Ace, Emon, and Emkay raid an Imperial scrap yard to recover the Comm Datacore taken from the family station.
  • Attack Pirate Base
Using information acquired from the rescued board members, the Alliance launches an attack on the Hurrim base.

Battle 6: The Darkest Hour

  • Meet with Bothan Delegation
A secret rendezvous between High Command and the Bothan Spynet discusses the reconnaissance of Endor.
  • Locate Mercenary Base
The Alliance asks the Azzameens for help in finding the mercenaries behind the attack on the Bothans.
  • Raid Mercenary Base
The search for the mercenaries leads back to the former Azzameen home, now a mercenary base.
  • Rescue Bothan Spies
Bothan spies with reconnaissance data on the Death Star have been stopped by the Star Destroyer Accuser.
  • Steal Imperial Shuttle
Imperial shuttle Tydirium must be captured for use in a sabotage mission.
  • Escort Rebel Fleet
The Alliance fleet is rallying at Sullust, but some ships have not yet arrived.
  • Family Reunion
Tomaas and Galen, long presumed dead, have been located at Kessel.

Battle 7: The Battle of Endor

An A-Wing pilot chases down a TIE Interceptor above the Executor.
  • Battle of Endor
The Alliance launches their attack on Endor.
  • Phase 2: That Thing's Operational!
The Death Star's unexpected destruction of two Rebel cruisers leads to a desperate Rebel gamble.
  • Phase 3: The Shield Is Down!
With the Death Star's shield finally down, Gold and Red groups must punch through Imperial starfighters.
  • Phase 4: Death Star Tunnel Run
The Millennium Falcon leads the attack on the Death Star's core.


Hardware Acceleration supported as an option through Direct 3D and software render support.
Return of iMuse for dynamic CD quality music that changes to match the mood and tone of the game.
3D sound supported through Microsoft DirectSound3D.
Support for Force Feedback Joystick & Rudder Pedals.


X-Wing Alliance features several enhancements to multiplayer game play. You will be able to race your friends in the Pilot Proving Ground, use one of 5 provided templates or create your own custom skirmish missions. Fly more than 20 different ships for either the Rebel Alliance or the Empire while competing over the Internet, local area network, serial cable or modem.

Internet: Up to 4 players
LAN: Up to 8 players
Modem to Modem: 2 players
Serial to Serial: 2 players


Skirmish mode options:

Maximum of 16 flight groups amongst 2, 4 or 8 teams.
Participants can be either friends, AI or a combination of both.
Over 20 flyable ships from the Rebel Alliance, Empire or Trading Clans.
Over 150 different objects including: starfighters, capital ships, buoys, mines, and space stations.
Up to 6 ships in a flight group.
Up to 9 waves for each flight group.
Combat environment: deep space, asteroid field, and mine field.
Initial distance and same or unique regions in space.
Setting both primary and secondary objectives.
Select armaments and countermeasures for each flight group.
Save your skirmish files and exchange them with friends.

Installing the game

The game was originally released in 1999 and it's install program worked like a dream for the computers of the day. However modern day PC's based around 64bit architecture present a problem for the original 16bit installation program which simply will refuse to work. Fortunately a workaround has been provided by Markus Egger.

Markus has created custom installer programs for many of the old Lucasarts games, enabling them to be installed on PC's with 64bit CPU's.

Visit his page here to download a custom installer for X-Wing Alliance from the list of those available.

You can also find all the instructions on how to use the installer for X-Wing Alliance HERE.

Game Updates

LucasArts 2.02 Update
The most recent patch made for X-Wing Alliance.

RS Missions

Rebel forces engage an Imperial fleet.

Missions and Interactive Tours of Duty (ITODs) built by members of the Rebel Squadrons.
RS Mission Database

Operation Blade

  • Operation Blade 1.01: A Dangerous Beginning
  • Operation Blade 1.02: Early Strike

IBG Tour 1: Assault on Yaga Minor

  • IBG 1.01: Convoy Attack
  • IBG 1.02: Shipyard Strike
  • IBG 1.03: Attack On Imperial Patrol
  • IBG 1.04: TIE Defender Rendezvous
  • IBG 1.05: Infiltrate Imperial Base
  • IBG 1.06: Destroy the SSD Tyrannic
  • IBG 1.07: Protect Supply Convoy
  • IBG 1.08: Destroy Pirate Base
  • IBG 1.09: Raid Imperial Supplies
  • IBG 1.10: Destroy System Defences
  • IBG 1.11: The Yaga Minor Shipyards
  • IBG 1.12: Seek and Destroy SSD Imperator

IBG Tour 2 (IBG/R2F)

  • IBG 2.01: Move to New Base
  • IBG 2.02: Elornia System Recon
  • IBG 2.03: Attacking the Imperial Base!
  • IBG 2.04: Building a new Base in New Trask
  • IBG 2.05: Protect the new Base
  • IBG 2.06: Resupply and Support
  • IBG 2.07: Search and Destroy
  • IBG 2.08: Protect the Prometheus
  • IBG 2.09: Recon from New Trask

IBG Tour 3: Destiny: Gloom

  • IBG 3.01: The Shuttle Tru'lak
  • IBG 3.02: The Supernova
  • IBG 3.03: Evacuation!
  • IBG 3.04: Hunting the Hunters
  • IBG 3.05: Escorting the Freighters
  • IBG 3.06: Confrontation

IBG Tour 4: Defending the Base

  • IBG 4.01: Homeward Bound
  • IBG 4.02: Replacement Fighters
  • IBG 4.03: Where are the Imperials?
  • IBG 4.04: The Imperial Force
  • IBG 4.05: Going into Battle
  • IBG 4.06: They're after our Base!
  • IBG 4.07: Under Attack
  • IBG 4.08: Save the Base!
  • IBG 4.09: The Aftermath
  • IBG 4.04 Special Edition: Flying with Spokes

IBG Tour 5

  • IBG 5.01: Under Attack
  • IBG 5.02: Bring Her Home
  • IBG 5.03: Protect Our Convoy
  • IBG 5.04: The Imperial Base
  • IBG 5.05: The Trap
  • IBG 5.06: Reconnaissance at Oberon
  • IBG 5.07: Escorting the Rebel Fist
  • IBG 5.08: Hit and Fade
  • IBG 5.09: Finish Them Off!
  • IBG 5.10: Tour 5 Bonus Mission 1
  • IBG 5.11: Tour 5 Bonus Mission 2
  • IBG 5.12: Tour 5 Bonus Mission 3
  • IBG 5.13: Tour 5 The Ladder Tournament Mission

IBG Tour 6

  • IBG 6.01: Pirate Attack
  • IBG 6.02: Hunting for Pirates
  • IBG 6.03: Will They Ever Learn?
  • IBG 6.04: Learning the Truth
  • IBG 6.05: The Final Battle

VSG Tour 1

  • VSG 1.01A: Battle of Blerthmore
  • VSG 1.02A: Reconnaissance
  • VSG 1.03A: New Base of Operations
  • VSG 1.04A: Distraction
  • VSG 1.05A: Pilot Recovery
  • VSG 1.06A: Infiltrating the Enemy
  • VSG 1.07A: Convoy Raid at Hexos
  • VSG 1.08A: Retreat at Selaris
  • VSG 1.09A: Resupply Convoy at Tilira
  • VSG 1.10A: Diversion at the Maxite Belt
  • VSG 1.11A: Convoy Escort
  • VSG 1.12A: Battle in the Ragyss Nebula

VSG Tour 2

  • VSG 2.01A: Tarsonis Patrol
  • VSG 2.02A: Search for the Pirates
  • VSG 2.03A: Straight Flush
  • VSG 2.04A: Cleaning the House

Instructions for playing Custom Missions

1. Download the mission and place it in your XWA install's Mission folder. Rename 1b1m1g.tie to something else or just make a copy. Rename your downloaded custom mission to 1b1m1g.tie.

2. Open MISSION.LST in your text editor of choice and find this section:

* 1B1M1G.tie
!MISSION_9_DESC!Convoy Attack

Change the third line to reflect the mission you're flying. For example, the current featured mission for XWA is XWA 411: The Supernova (IBG 302). You could just rewrite it as XWA 411 or The Supernova, or similar. That line in the MISSION file should now look something like this:

* 1B1M1G.tie

3. Pull up a fresh copy of a pilot for XWA ready to fly mission 9 in the campaign. Note that you'll need to replace that pilot file after every successful mission in order to keep flying them, so please keep a backup! You can play through the XWA campaign up to that point yourself by creating a pilot. A pilot file is also available here for convenience.

4. Fly! After your flight be sure to take a screenshot of the score screen (with all the kill stats) for use in reporting if you wish to do so. You can take screenshots with the Alt+O combo which will place your screenshot in your root XWA folder. Alternatively you can use a 3rd party app such as FRAPs which can be used with other games as well. Note. This will save your screenshot in a directory specified within the preferences of your selected app.


LucasArts - error, but could be down for maintenance

LucasFiles - down for maintenance

XWA Upgrade


Darksaber's X-Wing Station

The Spoiler Centre - Mission Guide


XWA Review - Game Revolution

MakeItSimple Strategy Guide

Echo Station Review

Wolfshead Squadron

Czech X-Wing Series Site

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 95 or 98
Computer: 100% Windows 95/98 DirectX compatible computer required.
CPU: 200 MHz or faster CPU required.
Memory: 32MB RAM required.

Software rendering only: 2MB PCI or AGP Graphics card required.
3D Hardware support: 4MB PCI or AGP Direct 3D Graphics Accelerator Required.
Sound: 16-bit sound card or better required - PCI 3D sound card optional.
CD/ROM: Quad speed CD/ROM Required.
Input Devices: Joystick, Mouse, and Keyboard Required.
DirectX: DirectX 6 is included on the CD and must be installed before playing.

Multiplayer Support
LAN (IPX or TCP/IP): 8 Players
Internet (TCP/IP): 4 Players
Direct Modem: 2 Players
Direct Serial: 2 Players

Additional Multiplayer Requirements
Modem: 28.8 Kbps or faster modem for Direct Modem or Internet Play.
Internet: 32 bit Dial-Up or Direct TCP/IP connection. 28.8 Kbps Minimum.
Direct Serial Connection: Null Modem Cable required.

Note: Your system might require the latest Windows 95/98 drivers for your particular hardware.