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Things special about this game to have:

  • Custom single-player missions, especially good ones (since they take so long to make)
  • Strategy guides for single- and multi-player combat
  • Modifications, to graphics and otherwise


Take control of the "fastest ship in the galaxy" -- the Millennium Falcon -- as well as X-wings, A-wings, B-wings, Y-wings and other Corellian transports. Join the massive assault on the fully operational second Death Star in the epic Battle of Endor. Fifty story-driven single-player missions and flexible new multi-player options. Fly into the interior of the complex objects including star ships, asteroids, a salvage yard, and to the core of the Death Star for the first time in a Star Wars space combat game. New "skirmish" mode lets you set your own mission parameters (number of ships, types of ships, targets, and more) to create many customized single and multi-player conflicts. State-of-the-art space combat experience with updated graphics, special effects and expanded battles on an incredibly vast scale. Immersive playing environment including true 3D cockpits -- with full 360-degree views inside and out -- as well as a true 3D hangar. Rich soundtrack fills out the experience, including extensive new recorded dialog, dynamic audio that interacts with game events, the original Star Wars music and authentic sound effects. X-Wing was one of the first true space combat simulators for the PC back in 1993 and X-Wing Alliance incorporates both graphic and technological advances to create the most realistic Star Wars flying experience to date.

Dual story line drives rich single player gaming

The immersive single player story begins with you as "Ace" Azzameen, in training to join your family's Twin Suns Transport Services business as a pilot. Your immediate family will assist you as you learn the ropes, along with MK (your droid and constant companion.) As the game progresses you will be drawn into the Rebel Alliance's fight for survival from the encroaching Galactic Empire. The corrupt Viraxo family's schemes compound your problems as they continue with their mission to destroy Twin Suns. The choice is yours and so are the consequences.

Game play

Compelling single player campaign with over 50 missions leading to the climatic Battle of Endor. Secondary plot focuses on the rivalries between competing family businesses during this time of great upheaval. Expansive game play in four space sectors of space which you can move between while events occur in real time in all areas. Over 200 ships (including new high tech TIE Fighters), space stations and other objects created or redesigned so that they will shine when played on the latest 3D hardware accelerated systems. Immersive graphical interface returning to the roots of the previous Star Wars space combat hits X-Wing and TIE Fighter. True 3D Hangar where you can choose and equip your craft. You can return to the hangar during the middle of a mission to re-arm or switch craft. New audio features over 8,000 lines of original voice recording and a dynamic Star Wars sound track 3D Graphics Engine.

Support for twice as many objects in each of the four space sectors creating the largest Star Wars space combat experience yet. Fly into the interiors of large ships, space stations, asteroids, starship hangers, the second Death Star and a Rebel proving ground. Fully 3D rendered cockpits allow for 360-degree views. You can finally see what it looks like to turn your head to track a quick moving TIE fighter with pad lock view. Support for the latest 3D hardware that now allows for screen resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 Highly customizable Heads Up Display (HUD) and Multifunction Display (MFD) systems. New particle system which can show real-time graphical damage to both your craft and enemy craft with effects like blast marks, debris and smoke in the cockpit. New graphic effects including colored lighting, engine glow, shield glow, and striking planetary backdrops.


Hardware Acceleration supported as an option through Direct 3D and software render support. Return of iMuse for dynamic CD quality music that changes to match the mood and tone of the game. 3D sound supported through Microsoft DirectSound3D. Support for Force Feedback Joystick & Rudder Pedals.


X-Wing Alliance features several enhancements to multi-player game play. You will be able to race your friends in the Pilot Proving Ground, use one of 5 provided templates or create your own custom "skirmish" missions. Fly more than 20 different ships for either the Rebel Alliance or the Empire while competing over the Internet, a local area network, serial cable or modem.

Multi-player Support

Internet: Up to 4 players LAN: Up to 8 players Modem to Modem: 2 players Serial to Serial: 2 players

Skirmish Set-up

Skirmish mode options

Maximum of 16 flight groups amongst 2, 4 or 8 teams; Participants can be either friends, AI or a combination of both; Over 20 flyable ships from the Rebel Alliance, Empire or Trading Clans; Over 150 different objects including: starfighters, capital ships, buoys, mines, and space stations; Up to 6 ships in a flight group; Up to 9 waves of a flight group; Combat environment: deep space, asteroid field, and mine field; Initial distance and same or unique regions in space; Setting both primary and secondary objectives; Select armaments and countermeasures for each flight group; You can save your skirmish files and exchange them with friends.

Game Updates

2.02 Patch is the most recent patch made For X-wing Alliance


from http://ho.rebelsquadrons.org/new_projects/game_info/xwa

Single Player Campaign X-wing Alliance

  • PROLOGUE: Family Business
  - Mission 1: Aeron's Lesson: Transport Operations
  - Mission 2: Emon's Lesson: Weapons
  - Mission 3: Aeron's Error: Data Recovery
  - Mission 4: Sticking it to the Viraxos: Covert Delivery
  - Mission 5: Black Market Bacta: Cargo Transfer
  - Mission 6: Rebel Rendezvous: Aid to the Alliance
  - Mission 7: Nowhere to go?: Escape Imperial Attack
  • Joining the Rebellion
  - Mission 1: Deep Space Strike Evaluation
  - Mission 2: Starfighter Superiority Evaluation
  • BATTLE 1: Clearing the Way
  - Mission 1: Convoy Attack
  - Mission 2: Rescue Uncle Antan (Family mission)
  - Mission 3: Reconnaissance of Imperial Task Force
  - Mission 4: Rescue Echo Base Prisoners
  - Mission 5: Recover Imperial Probe (Family mission)
  - Mission 6: Stop Resupply of ISD Corrupter
  - Mission 7: Destroy Imperial Sensor Net
  • BATTLE 2: Secret Weapons of the Empire
  - Mission 1: Flight Staff Transfer
  - Mission 2: Ensnare Imperial Prototypes
  - Mission 3: Kill K'Armyn Viraxo (Family mission)
  - Mission 4: Raid Production Facility
  - Mission 5: Defend CRS Liberty
  - Mission 6: Destroy Imperial Research Facility
  • BATTLE 3: Over the Fence
  - Mission 1: Liberate Slave Convoy
  - Mission 2: Supply Rebels with Warheads (Family mission)
  - Mission 3: Recon Imperial Research Facility
  - Mission 4: Investigate Imperial Communications Array
  - Mission 5: Plant Listening Device (Family mission)
  - Mission 6: Rendezvous with defector
  - Mission 7: Scramble!
  • BATTLE 4: The Bothan Connection
  - Mission 1: Shipment to Mining Colony (Family mission)
  - Mission 2: Reconnaissance of Imperial Convoy
  - Mission 3: Mining Colony Under Siege: Rescue Aeron (Family mission)
  - Mission 4: Capture the Freighter Suprosa
  - Mission 5: Abandon Rebel Base at Kothlis
  - Mission 6: Protect Imperial Computer
  • BATTLE 5: Mustering the Fleet
  - Mission 1: Protect Alliance-Smuggler Meeting
  - Mission 2: Attack Imperial Convoy
  - Mission 3: Break Emon Out of Brig (Family mission)
  - Mission 4: Protect Smuggler Retreat
  - Mission 5: Rescue Smugglers
  - Mission 6: Recover Family Data Core (Family mission)
  - Mission 7: Attack Pirate Base
  • BATTLE 6: The Darkest Hour
  - Mission 1: Meet with Bothan Delegation
  - Mission 2: Locate Mercenary Base (Family mission)
  - Mission 3: Raid Mercenary Base
  - Mission 4: Rescue Bothan Spies
  - Mission 5: Steal Imperial Shuttle
  - Mission 6: Escort Rebel Fleet
  - Mission 7: Family Reunion (Family mission)
  • BATTLE 7: The Battle of Endor
  - Mission 1: Battle of Endor
  - Mission 2: That Thing's Operational
  - Mission 3: The Shield is Down
  - Mission 4: Death Star Tunnel Run

Levels RS Created

Rebel Squadron ITOD Listing

-Operation Blade 1.01
-Operation Blade 1.02
  • IBG Tour 1: Assault on Yaga Minor]
-IBG 1.01: Convoy Attack
-IBG 1.02: Shipyard Strike
-IBG 1.03: Attack On Imperial Patrol
-IBG 1.04: TIE Defender Rendezvous
-IBG 1.05: Infiltrate Imperial Base
-IBG 1.06: Destroy the SSD Tyrannic
-IBG 1.07: Protect Supply Convoy
-IBG 1.08: Destroy Pirate Base
-IBG 1.09: Raid Imperial Supplies
-IBG 1.10: Destroy System Defences
-IBG 1.11: The Yaga Minor Shipyards
-IBG 1.12: Seek and Destroy SSD Imperator
  • IBG Tour 2 (IBG/R2F)]
-IBG 2.01: Move to New Base
-IBG 2.02: Elornia System Recon
-IBG 2.03: Attacking the Imperial Base!
-IBG 2.04: Building a new Base in New Trask
-IBG 2.05: Protect the new Base
-IBG 2.06: Resupply and Support
-IBG 2.07: Search and Destroy
-IBG 2.08: Protect the Prometheus
-IBG 2.09: Recon from New Trask
  • IBG Tour 3: Destiny: Gloom]
-IBG 3.01: The Shuttle Tru'lak
-IBG 3.02: The Supernova
-IBG 3.03: 
-IBG 3.04: 
-IBG 3.05: Escorting The Freighters
-IBG 3.06
  • IBG Tour 4: Defending the Base]
-IBG 4.01: Homeward Bound
-IBG 4.02: Replacement Fighters
-IBG 4.03: Where are the Imperials?
-IBG 4.04: The Imperial Force
-IBG 4.05: Going into Battle
-IBG 4.06: They're after our Base!
-IBG 4.07: Under Attack
-IBG 4.08: Save the Base!
-IBG 4.09: The Aftermath
-IBG 4.04 Special Edition: Flying with Spokes
  • IBG Tour 5]
-IBG 5.01: Under Attack
-IBG 5.02: Mission 2
-IBG 5.03: Mission 3
-IBG 5.04: Mission 4
-IBG 5.05: Mission 5
-IBG 5.06: Mission 6
-IBG 5.07: mission 7
-IBG 5.08: Mission 8
-IBG 5.09: Mission 9
  • IBG Tour 6
-IBG 6.01
-IBG 6.02
-IBG 6.03
-IBG 6.04
-IBG 6.05
  • VSG Tour 1
-VSG 1.01A
-VSG 1.02A
-VSG 1.03A


from http://ho.rebelsquadrons.org/new_projects/game_info/xwa

LucasArts http://www.lucasarts.com/products/alliance/

LucasFiles http://www.lucasfiles.com It´s has a few new mission to download, also the Episode I Shipset 1.1

XWAUpgrade http://www.xwaupgrade.com/

XWA.net http://www.xwingalliance.net/

Darksaber's X-Wing Station http://www.darksaber.gaylenol.com/

The-Spoiler Mission Guide http://www.the-spoiler.com/ACTION/Lucas.arts/x-wing.alliance.1.html

GameWinners http://www.gamewinners.com/DOSWIN/blxwingalliance.htm

XWA Download - Game Revolution http://www.game-revolution.com/download/pc/action/x_wing_alliance.htm

MakeItSimple Strategy Guide http://www.makeitsimple.com/gaming/game_guides/xwing_alliance/

Omega Squadron Missions http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Vault/1945/custom.htm

  • updated May 21 1999
  • ...Mission Impossible music.
  • 4-mission combat set
  • 6-mission skirmish set
  • lots of TIE Fighter stuff

Echo Station Review http://www.echostation.com/gaming/xwingalliance.htm

  • March 26 1999
  • a review (has some information about XWA's contents)

Wolfshead Squadron http://www.wolfslair.org:8080/

GamersHell - XWA Mission Architect http://www.gamershell.com/news_X-WingAllianceMissionArc.shtml

Czech X-Wing Series Site http://xwing.wz.cz/add.html A summary of the best add-ons available for XWA

Custom Sounds http://www.antilles100.freeserve.co.uk/sound/guide.htm

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 95 or 98 Computer: 100% Windows 95/98 DirectX compatible computer required CPU: 200 MHz or faster CPU required. Memory: 32MB RAM required Video:

Software rendering only: 2MB PCI or AGP Graphics card required 3D Hardware support: 4MB PCI or AGP Direct 3D Graphics Accelerator Required Sound: 16-bit sound card or better required - PCI 3D sound card optional CD/ROM: Quad speed CD/ROM Required Input Devices: Joystick, Mouse, and Keyboard Required. DirectX: DirectX 6 is included on the CD and must be installed before playing

Multiplayer Support LAN (IPX or TCP/IP): 8 Players Internet (TCP/IP): 4 Players Direct Modem: 2 Players Direct Serial: 2 Players

Additional Multiplayer Requirements Modem: 28.8 Kbps or faster modem for Direct Modem or Internet Play Internet: 32 bit Dial-Up or Direct TCP/IP connection. 28.8 Kbps Minimum Direct Serial Conection: Null Modem Cable required.

Note: Your system might require the "latest" Windows 95/98 drivers for your particular hardware.