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Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter (XvT) was released in April 1997 and was scooped up by Rebel Squadrons pilots. Later, in November of the same year, an expansion called Balance of Power (BoP) was released, providing additional individual scenarios as well as two 15-mission long campaigns, each telling opposite sides of the conflict. With the game leading the way into multiplayer gaming for Star Wars flight sims, the Rebel Squadrons was able to become a strong, competitive club during competitions.

Game Features


The galaxy is engulfed in the
flames of Civil War. In the vast
reaches between the stars
great battles erupt with searing
laser blasts and fiery

Amidst the Empire's Star
Destroyers and the Rebellion's
Mon Calamari cruisers dart
small craft of incredible power
and speed... the starfighters.

Through the skill and bravery
of the men and women who
pilot these deadly craft, the
outcome ultimately will be

Included with the game were:

  • 9 flyable craft (10 in Balance of Power), including
    • Rebel Craft
      • T-65C A2 X-wing (X-W)
      • BTL-A4 Y-wing (Y-W)
      • RZ-1 A-wing (A-W)
      • Z-95 Headhunter (Z-95)
      • B-wing (B-W) (Included with Balance of Power)
    • Imperial Craft
      • TIE Fighter (T/F)
      • TIE Interceptor (T/I)
      • TIE Bomber (T/B)
      • TIE Advanced (T/A)
      • Assault Gunboat (GUN)
  • Several other fighters, freighters, and capital ships (complete list below)
  • Numerous missions, including
    • Training scenarios
    • Dogfight simulations and tournaments
    • Combat Scenarios and battles
    • Two 15-mission long campaigns including 4 cutscenes each (Balance of Power)

Featured Craft

Below are all the different ships, stations, and other objects seen in X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter. (BoP) indicates an object is only available with Balance of Power.

10 Flyable Craft

  • RZ-1 A-Wing (A-W)
  • B-Wing (B-W) (BoP)
  • T-65C A2 X-Wing (X-W)
  • BTL-A4 Y-Wing (Y-W)
  • Z-95 Headhunter (Z-95)
  • TIE/ad Starfighter (TIE Advanced, T/A)
  • TIE/sa Bomber (TIE Bomber, T/B)
  • TIE/ln Starfighter (TIE Fighter, T/F)
  • TIE/In Interceptor (TIE Interceptor, T/I)
  • Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing (Assault Gunboat, GUN)

Other Fighters

  • T-Wing Interceptor (T/W)
  • R-41 Starchaser (R-41)

Stations & Emplacements

  • XQ1 Platform (PLT/1)
  • XQ2 Platform (PLT/2)
  • XQ3 Platform (PLT/3)
  • XQ4 Platform (PLT/4)
  • XQ5 Platform (PLT/5)
  • XQ6 Platform (PLT/6)
  • Asteroid Hangar (R&D FC)
  • Asteroid Laser Battery (LAS BAT)
  • Asteroid Warhead Launcher (W LNCHR)
  • Deep Space Manufacturing Facility (FAC/1)
  • Gun Emplacement (GPLT) (BoP)
  • Telgorn Shipyard (SHPYD) (BoP)
  • Telgorn Repair Yard (REPYD) (BoP)


Unmanned Objects

  • Communications Satellite (COMSAT)
  • Navigation Buoy (NAV 1)
  • Probe (PROBE)
  • Mine Type A (Laser)
  • Mine Type B (Ion)
  • Mine Type C (Laser/Missile)

Transports & Other Craft


  • Class-A Container (CN/A)
  • Class-B Container (CN/B)
  • Class-C Container (CN/C)
  • Class-D Container (CN/D)
  • Class-E Container (CN/E)
  • Class-F Container (CN/F)
  • Class-G Container (CN/G)
  • Class-H Container (CN/H)
  • Class-I Container (CN/I)

Balance of Power Campaigns

Avenger Squadron chases an enemy shuttle.

Relentless in its pursuit of
the Rebel insurgency, the
Imperial Fleet has driven the
scattered remnants of the
Alliance into retreat among
the Outer Rim Territories.

Now, in the Airam Sector,
far from the might of the
threat has emerged. The
Rebellion seeks to establish
a new base here from which
to spread their sedition.

Admiral Senn's fleet, led by
the Super Star Destroyer
Vengeance, has been
ordered to pursue the
Rebels and eliminate this
menace. Spearheading this
campaign are the elite pilots
of Avenger Squadron...
The Hormuuz platform is about to be evacuated.

It is a desperate time for the
Rebel Alliance. Driven from
countless bases by the
band of freedom fighters
retreat to the Outer Rim in
search of a new home... and
new allies.

It is here that the Rebels
hope to establish a new base
of operations. Crucial to their
success is the construction
of a new shipyard in the
remote Airam Sector.

Pursued by a large Imperial
task force commanded by the
ruthless Admiral Senn, the
very survival of the Rebellion
depends upon the elite pilots
of Rogue Squadron...

The Balance of Power expansion features two campaigns centered in the Airam Sector: one from the Imperial perspective, the other from the Rebel perspective. Each campaign contains fifteen missions playable in single or multiplayer modes, with the player(s) in the role of starfighter pilots.

Imperial Campaign

  • Take Prisoners Near Blair Cluster
An ambush has been set up at the edge of the Blair Cluster in the Airam Sector, centered around the Interdictor Cruiser Compellor.
  • Seize Airam Supply Platform at Goff
This Airam supply platform must be seized for use as a forward staging point to aid future Imperial operations in the sector.
  • Trap and Destroy Rebel Convoy Near Rocrin
A Rebel convoy is expected to pass through the Rocrin system. Admiral Senn wants their ships scanned for cargo manifests and destroyed.
  • Defend INT Compellor Against Rebel Hit & Fade
The Rebels are attempting to engage the Compellor in retaliation for the destruction of their convoy.
  • Destroy Rebel Starship Component Factory at Mobetta
Informants mistakenly identified this component factory as a shipyard. It must be boarded and its databanks copied so the yard's true location can be discovered.
  • Capture Airam Pirates Near Klaatu
A resupply convoy will be used as bait for the enemy. Their cargo vessels must be forced to surrender to make capture possible.
  • Cover Imperial Starfighter Replenishment at Essebra
The Imperial Star Destroyer Rage is to rendezvous with Escort Carrier Urrob for replacement starfighters.
  • Retaliation Strike on Airam Repair Yard at Hinda
The Rage is exacting retribution upon the Airam for aiding the Rebels. The repair yard in the Hinda system has been selected as the target.
  • Rendezvous with Airam Clan Leader at Aiqin 4
An Airam faction leader has recognized the folly of aiding the Rebels and requests a meeting to discuss incorporation into the Empire.
  • Capture Enemy Freighters Near Elbra
Clan Leader Ilay has promised to assist the Empire, providing the location of a cargo exchange between the Rebels and her rivals among the Airam as her first step.
  • Stop Attack on Imperial Repair Yard at Swellen
The Rebels have been detected near the Imperial repair yard in the Swellen system and an attack is expected shortly. Reinforcements have been requested to protect the yard.
  • Protect Resupply of ISD Rage Near Bes
The Imperial Star Destroyer Rage is in dire need of new warheads. A convoy has been dispatched to replenish the depleted warhead supplies and must be protected.
  • Defeat Rebel/Airam Counterattack Near Bes
An Airam fleet has ambushed the ISD Rage and Rebel reinforcements are expected to join the attack.
  • Reconnaissance of Nocto System
Avenger and Talon squadrons, equipped with TIE Advanced starfighters, must reconnoiter the target area to gauge Rebel defenses.
  • Destroy Rebel Starship Factory Near Nocto
The final attack on the Rebel shipyard, led by the Super Star Destroyer Vengeance, is about to begin.

Rebel Campaign

  • Evacuate Rebel Base Near Gelgelar
Rogue Squadron is to protect the evacuation of the outpost at Gelgelar.
  • Protect Arriving Wounded From Gelgelar Base
The Nebulon-B Frigate Redemption awaits the transports from Gelgelar, and must be defended.
  • Escort Convoy Through the Halbara System
A convoy loaded with B-Wing starfighters must be protected until it reaches the designated hyperspace point.
  • Retrieve Supply Containers From Gelgelar Base
The base lost to the Empire at Gelgelar must be raided to retrieve supplies left behind during the evacuation.
  • Recon Imperial Fleet Near Almaran
A-Wings have been dispatched to inspect an Imperial fleet passing through a nearby hyperspace point.
  • Ambush Imperial Escorts in the Goff System
An ambush has been staged to destroy Imperial capital ships, using the Mon Calamari Cruiser Liberty as bait.
  • Capture the INT Compellor
Interdictor Cruiser Compellor was damaged during the previous operation. It has fled to an Imperial Repair Yard and must be captured.
  • Escort Interdictor to Airam Factory Near Mobetta
The captured Compellor must be protected until it reaches safety.
  • Protect Gravity Well Transfer at Mobetta
The refit of the Modified Strike Cruiser Peregrine is nearly complete. It must be protected from possible Imperial patrols at all costs.
  • Intercept Imperial Reinforcements Near Derilyn
Using the gravity well projectors of the newly refitted Peregrine, Imperial reinforcements must be intercepted and destroyed.
  • Respond to Attack on Airam Factory at Mobetta
The Airam factory where the Peregrine had undergone its refit is under attack by Imperial forces and must be protected.
  • Protect Resupply Operation in the Kuras Drift
Smugglers have offered to provide desperately needed warheads near one of their hidden bases.
  • Capture Rival Leader at Aiqin 4
A renegade Clan Leader of the Airam intends to meet with Imperial officials. She must be captured before she can negotiate with them.
  • Rescue Airam Conscripts Near Dega
An Airam convoy en route to the Super Star Destroyer Vengeance must be intercepted.
  • Destroy the SSD Vengeance
Super Star Destroyer Vengeance and Imperial Star Destroyer Rage have launched an attack on the Alliance shipyard and must be destroyed once and for all

Installing the game

The game was originally released in 1997 and it's install program worked like a dream for the computers of the day. However modern day PC's based around 64bit architecture present a problem for the original 16bit installation program which simply will refuse to work. Fortunately a workaround has been provided my Markus Egger.

Markus has created custom installer programs for many of the old Lucasarts games, enabling them to be installed on PC's with 64bit CPU's.

Visit his page here to download a custom installer for X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter from the list of those available.

NOTE. There are separate downloads for:

  • Master Game Disc (CD 1)
  • Multiplayer Disc (CD 2)
  • Balance of Power Mission CD
  • X-Wing & TIE Fighter 95 Compatibility Fix

You can also find all the instructions on how to use the installers by clicking on the relevant "view" link.


The way the game was built let it have an ease of customization. As such, custom-built mission packs, craft packs, and various conversions have been created en masse by the XvT community. The Rebel Squadrons took to specializing in the creation of custom built missions arranged into Tours of Duty, and this became one of the backbones of player activity within the club.

Those interested in flying custom missions can install the RS XvT Mission Pack.

The Rebel Squadrons pilots competed against each other to achieve the highest score on each mission. See the XvT scoring system for a listing of how to earn points.

Installing an XvT custom mission not included in the RS XvT Mission Pack.

Game Support

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