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Shipyard Always two there are: a Master, and an Apprentice.

It's time we figured out which one is which and deal with them accordingly.

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The purpose of the X-Wing Alliance Under-graduate Course is to ensure that you know the basic skills necessary to have fun with us, most notably installing and flying custom missions, as well as flying in multiplayer games and creating fiction about your character. Before a new member can join the VSG, s/he has to complete the listed graduation requirements.

XWA UnderGrad Instructor: Spokes

Graduation requirements

Graduating is easy; just complete the following requirements and you're on your way to flying alongside fellow pilots.

    1. LJG Rank - In order to be able to graduate a student needs to have obtained the rank of a LJG through the Beginner's Path.
  • 2) Custom Mission - Fly and report on an XWA single-player mission
  • 3a) Narrative - Write a mission narrative for the mission you played


  • 3b) Multiplayer match - Fly and report on an XWA multiplayer match with a VSG member

Please email all reports and narratives to your instructor for confirmation.

Once you have graduated, your Instructor will contact the Command Staff of the Vigilance Starfighter Group. Take the time to look at the division's roster. Should you have a squad placement preference, notify your instructor as to what it is. Otheriwse, placement is determined by availability, needs of squads within the fleet, etc. The Fleet Command Staff will take your request into consideration, and, provided there is no conflicting reason, have you placed where you wish to be. This may take a few days.

NOTE: All students who sign up for the Academy are to remain active during their time served. All students who do not report in, in any way, shape, or form, may be placed on an Absent With Out Leave (AWOL) list. The Command Staff reserves the right to remove students at any time for inactivity or misbehavior in the Academy.