XWA Undergraduate Course

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Shipyard Always two there are: a Master, and an Apprentice.

It's time we figured out which one is which and deal with them accordingly.

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The purpose of this course is to teach you how to properly download and install the current mission, and how to properly report on that mission.

Graduation Criteria

Cadet Graduate: - Award: Ribbon

-Run Mission

-Send in SS and Stats

Senior Cadet: - Award: Medal

-Run Mission

-Send SS, Stats, and narrative (MINIMUM 500 words).

Master Cadet with Honors: - Award: Medal

-Run Mission

-Send in SS and stats, write Quality Personal Narrative, AND Fly a MP match, with SS. Narrative can be in either first or third person, MINIMUM 500 words.

What To Do


When you report for an ITOD, you will use the RS Mission Reporter. We aren't quite up to that yet. For your very first mission, you will report the score, whether it is a success or a failure. We don't really care what your score is, we just want to know that you get the idea of how to report.

This is what I want you to do:

-Upon completion of your mission, pass or fail, take a screen shot (SS) of the page that has your score on it. Fraps is an excellent SS program, but you have to change the file to a jpg file before you report it, or it wont go through.

-In an email to your instructor, as well as the rest of your squad if you wish you should put what things that you see on your debrief so that we know how you did without opening the picture. (Score, pass/fail, kills, hit%, et al.) Also put your SS in this email. And with that, you are done!