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Region Outer Rim
Sector Minos Cluster
System Yelsain system
Planetary class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Type I
Primary terrain Forests
Length of Day 24 Standard Hours
Length of Year 249 Standard Days
Points of interest Darakin University

This forest world is a frontier planet of the Minos Cluster. It was a large planet, although it lacked heavy metals in its composition. This resulted in a lower than normal gravity despite its size. The trees of the forests are immense, with older specimens measuring 400 meters in height. The trees consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen at incredible rates, which means the oxygen content of its atmosphere is quite high. This leads to intense weather patterns, with nightly thunderstorms sweeping across the surface.

Yelsain's inhabitants are rural by galactic standards, although their colleges and universities are second to none. They live and work in sprawling cities built in the trees. The original settlers were forced to battle the creatures which lived in the trees, and their exploits became the subject of a number of holo-vids produced on nearby Adarlon. The natives of the planet were fiercely loyal to the Old Republic, as a result of the Republic's support of the settlement there. Many Jedi Knights claimed Yelsain as their home, and it was rumored that many Jedi hid there during Emperor Palpatine's purge.