Yridia IV

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Yridia IV
Region Outer Rim
Sector Minos Cluster
System Yridia system
Suns 1: Yridiae
Moons None
Orbital Distance 2.0 AU
Diameter 5,000 km
Planetary class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Type I
Gravity Light (0.44 Standard)
Surface water 60%
Climate -150 to 60ËšC
Primary terrain Tundra, deserts, rainforests, plains, valleys, mountains
Length of Day 15.5 Standard Hours
Length of Year 1250 Standard Days
Population None
Native species None
Official language None
Government None
Exports None
Import None

Yridia IV is the only planet in the system capable of sustaining a vast eco-system on its surface without the aid of terraforming or artificial support. Due to its size and range of temperatures, Yridia IV has substantial ice caps and tundra outside of the more temperate zone within 50Ëš in latitude from the equator. There are three main continents. One is situated mostly under ice in the north, while the other exist two span from the northern temperate regions to the southern tundra. Within 5Ëš of the equatorial zone, vast deserts span much of the temperate continents. Rainforests exist between 5Ëš and 15Ëš latitude, generally around the Dakara valley and the Great Rift. Elsewhere in the temperate zone, plains, river valleys, mountain ranges, lake regions, and some volcanic areas are found. Three large oceans exist on the planet. Some land-locked seas are found on the two inhabited continents.