Yridia VII

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Yridia VII
Region Outer Rim
Sector Minos Cluster
System Yridia system
Suns 1: Yridiae
Moons 2: Naraj, Kresob
Orbital Distance 4.0 AU
Diameter 120,000 km
Planetary class Gas Giant
Atmosphere Type IV
Gravity Heavy (3.56 Standard)
Surface water 0%
Primary terrain Gas
Length of Day 10 Standard Hours
Length of Year 3160 Standard Days
Population None
Native species None
Official language None
Government None
Exports None
Import None

Yridia VII has a red and orange gas atmosphere which gives no indication of a rocky surface below. As you descend through the atmosphere, conditions become extremely hot and dense. No part of Yridia VII can sustain life. The pattern of white swirls on the planet’s façade is an indication of the turbulent whether it experiences in the upper atmosphere.