Yridia system

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The Yridia system was colonized about 40 years ago in an attempt to bring more mineral resources to the Empire's war machine. Imperial colonists, backed by the might of the Imperial Navy, quickly set up colonies, mines and factories to produce these materials and ship them back to the Inner Core Worlds of the Empire. Unfortunately, the colonists that the Empire selected for immigration were far from the elite of Imperial society. In fact, the Empire apparently selected colonists for Yridia II to rid itself of approximately one million ideological sociopaths, misfits and malcontents and sent them far away to the Outer Rim.

As the Empire fell apart, interest in the area was lost and the people were left free to govern themselves. That is, until the enigmatic House Tarentum choose to found what would eventually become Clan Tarentum in this system. They spread their seeds throughout the system and rooted themselves deeply. Over time, Tarentum spread into other parts of the Minos Cluster and with the lack of interest by the New Republic and nearby Imperial factions, has become the dominant force in the system.


Orbit One

Orbit Two

Orbit Three

Orbit Four

Orbit Five

Orbit Six

Orbit Seven

Orbit Eight

Orbit Nine

Orbit Ten

System Facilities

  • XQ4 Platform Aegis (Yridia II)
  • Yridian Repair Yard (Yridia IX)