Zealot's Beginnings (Pre-104)

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In 44:4, various current and former members of the New Republic/Rebel Alliance were called upon to form a special operations unit to combat the ever increasing threat from the remnants of the Empire in the Subterrel Sector. This squad would be made up of an odd assortment of characters, each with their own specialties and most certainly their own personalities. This new unit would come to be known as the Zealot Special Operations Unit.

The first to be recalled into active service, was a Twi'lek female by the name of Abi Ocopaqui. A bounty hunter by profession, Abi had served in the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War, and was chosen to lead the new unit.

Completely by chance, former General Halyn Lance, a Zabrak male, was also pressed into service, having had his crippled ship discovered by a squad of New Republic X-wings, who escorted him back to the Frigate Unforgiven, which coincidentally was the ship Zealot was to be stationed out of, and where his former flame and wingmate Abi had just happened to be.

The next to be drafted into the new unit, was Cody Qel-Droma, a Human male, who had been rotting in an Imperial prison after a New Republic Intel operation went south, leading to his capture. Faced with the choice of either staying in the prison, or joining Zealot, he took up the role of captain of the Unforgiven. This was meant to give him a bit of a break before returning to a proper combat role.

Kaitlyn Marie Anderson, a female Human, was transferred from the ISD Redemption to Zealot due to her expertise in demolitions and explosives.

Kypp Vanasse, a male Human, was reactivated from a medical research facility to serve Zealot as a Medical Officer.

Anishor, a male Wookiee, was reactivated from his home on Kashyyyk and was forced to leave his wife and two cubs behind to serve Zealot as both a B-wing pilot and hand to hand combat specialist.

Darik Klivan (also known as "Deuce"), a male Human, was called upon from a drunken stupor onboard his ship to serve as a pilot.

Wes Belden, a male Human, was transferred to Zealot from the Vigilance Starfighter Group in an effort to sober him up.

Scott Jensen, a male Human, was transferred from an infantry unit to serve as a sniper.

Sarriah James, a female Human, was reactivated from her position at a veterinary clinic to serve as a second Medical Officer.